Red weapons

Hi! Love this game. Played V1 alot. Problem I am having is I get a couple of red weapons but I checked every character and type there shows no red weapons. I am power level over 550 and ranked 28 on the elf. Frustrating to say the least. Still love this game

Welcome! We’re glad to have you.

For clarification: are you saying you found a few red weapons and that they aren’t appearing in your inventory?

Who were you playing when you unpacked the Veteran weapons? Weapons will always drop for the character (but not necessarily career) that you are currently playing. For example: if you are playing Kruber and get a Veteran weapon, it will always be for Markus Kruber but might be specific to a career, such as unpacking a long-bow for Markus’ Huntsman class.

Alternatively, you might have unpacked a trinket, necklace, or charm; have you checked for those?


Correct me if i am wrong.

You Sir OP have the hero power level of 550 and are level 28 on the elf, right?

In my experience you will not find red items (veteran items) until you hit level 30 and have hit overall hero power of 600.

You have a bit further to go^^

You can gets reds way before 600 power

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I understood in was purely the %age change of the chests and had nothing go do with power whether you got a red.

The power of the weapons if capped at you first characters grind to level 30 though. Once one character is able to get 300 power weapons, all can.

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Did you actually loot them from chests? Or did you buy them in the Emporium? If you bought them they’re weapon skins, not actual weapons.


Huh really? O_O

When i first started leveling other heroes after getting my first to 30 and having played that a while i opened a metric ton of legend emperor chests to get myself some epic gear but i did not get a single one.

Then i went back to my level 30 and opened a bunch and got a heap instantly before going back, tried again, and got nothing.

Then when i hit 30 on that character i attempted it again and this time i did get a heap.

I have never gotten a red on a character below 30 even when i opened legend emperors on them Q_Q

Actually, that’s how I thought it went, but it’s so long since I even opened a chest let alone remember how they delivered reds I can’t be sure now you’ve questioned it.

My first Veteran item came at level 27 on my first character; I pulled Kerillian’s Hagbane. It is possible to obtain them pre-300 item power, just unlikely!

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Thanks y’all I figured it out it was actually a red illusion I got that I can use on a certain sword yeah I gotta a way to go but this game is amazing and I am enjoying it as much if not more than the first one which is saying alot! The only character I am not trying to level up as if now is the witch. She has her good points I guess lol again thanks for the help!

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