Easy 600 Power after red item

Tonight I obtained a red sword and shield called “The Bastion”. While yes I was very happy, I just want to breakdown what happened. Right before receiving the red item, I was getting items around 180 to 190 power, making me a little shy of 500 hero power. I had saved up a good amount of commendation chest and was around 40 as well. So with that in mind, within about an hour or so, I was at the cap of 600 hero power. I was already level 30 on my Kruber and opened an emperors chest to get the sword and shield. Also it took me about 25 to 30 chests to hit 600.

I don’t know if it was intended to boost your hero power so rapidly, but I’m not sure if it should get you such a massive increase in item levels you receive. I don’t know if will be fixed in the future or if it should be, but it just seemed a little unbalanced that I could simply raise my hero power by over 100 points in such a short amount of time

Congrats on being the luckiest S.O.B. ever.

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already obtaining items at around 280-290 power and have not seen a single red… so… uhhh… yea… i’m not gonna bother saving boxes…

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It makes sense, if you haven’t built up your item level but are level 30, you can get a substantial boost by getting some reds.

er, can you please furnish details about how you got your red?

you said you were getting items around 180-190 range. did you get your red from a VETERAN emperor lootbox? or a levelup commendation box?

this is a very important question.

Good for you man! I’m seeking reds soon. I’m almost done veteran. I’m level 23 and all orange items, power rating of 300 and something. I wanna try champion to hunt reds…soon!

It’s been confirmed you can’t get reds out of commendations.

No it was an emperors chest from champion. I know that the limit to veteren is 200 so I don’t rhink it’s possible to get reds out of them.

That’s not his point. The point is that once you’ve got a red (300 power item), spamming chests will hand out a bunch of other items around your highest power level (ie 300). So if you were previously at ~190 and then move to champion and get a red early, you can easily skip the tedious grind from 200 --> 300 if you’ve got a bunch of commendation chests sitting around. They won’t give you reds, but there’s not that much difference between a nice orange and a red, especially when you’re jumping ~100 power from ~190-200 straight to ~290-300.

this is like complaining that life is too easy once you won the lottery!!!

I know, just pointing out that this was the OP’s point, he wasn’t saying he could get reds from commendation chests like the other guy assumed.

Let me clarify. The last part of my post sounded like I was enjoying the boost but that isn’t what I meant so I removed it. What I’m trying to say is that it kind of takes some of the fun of grinding out of the game. Once you hit 600 power there’s no joy in getting chests to level up power anymore. Not saying I’m not lucky and not trying to sound mean, but it’s one of those things that you just don’t understand unless you have it. The boost I got just removed some of the fun out of the game for me. I love the feeling of progression in my games. Sure you could say I won the lottery but I’m not trying to brag about it. I’m saying I got an unbalanced power boost for the HP I was. Getting a 300 red at around 550 HP or higher? fine. under 500? not sure, just doesn’t feel right. Maybe it’s my fault for saving the chests, but even if I hadn’t, it still would have taken me a minuscule amount of time to reach 600 because of playing the game a little and having leftover scrap from the chests had I opened them earlier. I repeat. I’m not bragging, or complaining that life’s too easy. I’m saying it removes a feeling of well earned progression, and to me, that is what makes a lot of games fun.

i hear you. Yours is just an extremely rare situation where you got a red before reaching 300 loot level drops, and you feel that the sense of progression has been lost.

well to me high power certainly makes you powerful but not invincible. the main point of the game to me is total damage avoidance while doing the most damage and speedrunning with max tomes and grims, the perfecting of gameplay, and that doesn’t come from reds, but from constant practice and learning and observing. that’s progression to me.

Completely understood. To me, a part of the progression was this issue and that’s why I brought it up. Of course getting better and more skilled is also progression but it just removed one of the fun aspects the game had from the beginning and so that’s why it seemed like a problem.

i didn’t have any power jumps, still trying to get my first red, i got to ilevel 300 thru the regular way, but still feel the game lacks a proper loot system at the end. hopefully something gets spiced up.

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