Best moment to open vaults for reds?

Hey guys, I was wondering if I should open my (legendary) vaults already, or wait untill im lv 30 or 35 even. Im lv 25 on sienna atm. Does the chance on getting reds increase the higher level you get? What would you suggest I do?

I already have kruber and elf lv 35, salz and bardin 30


I think your level affects the droprate of reds (somebody correct me if I’m wrong), so if you already pull item power 295 - 300 items out of your chests, I’d save them until you’ve leveled to max. That should not take that many rounds anymore anyways if you’re already lvl 25.

It don’t affect at all

true, but Id like to grind the remaining lvs with a red weapon. Sienna isn’t my fav class so dont think ill be playing her that much after shes max

I can’t say for sure if level matters, I had this question as a newbie and I still really don’t know.
Though, if Sienna is not your main what’s the point of opening chests for reds with her anyway?
Items you get depend on the character you open them as. If you don’t reds as her - simply don’t open chests as her.
If you get a red, an item with guaranteed maximum power, it still doesn’t increase your potential items power for that slot.
And there’s no guarantee you will get the red items you want on her anyway. You might as well get only necklaces/charms etc.