Item power level

Hi there

I just hit level 30 last night, yet I still only get items with 140-150 power level from Champion runs. Is this intended or some wierd bug?

On my other char lvl 5 I get items with power level 100.

someone should sticky one of the various power explanations threads.

every account has a hidden loot power level which slowly increases the more you open lootboxes.

if you are getting 140-150 loot, you can slowly raise your loot drop power levels by opening veteran boxes and champion boxes.

this power level will not increase if you hit the caps of the lootboxes you are opening. so if you wanted to rush to item plevel 300, you would do vet missions till u start seeing plevel 200 items, then do champion/legend runs until ur loot starts dropping 300 stuff.

for me, once i got loot around 297, i just crafted items (-10/+10 of current plevel loot) till i got everything at 300, then upgraded and randomised loot as needed.

this is a mechanic which i kinda frown upon because it’s not visible to the player, i wouldn’t have figured this out on my own =(

Hi Mookanana

Thanks for the answer. I managed to read around on forum and get to the same conclusion. I do agree it needs to be explained better.

I rushed champion thinking I would get nice loot fast :frowning:

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