How item quality is determined

So I hit level 30. At level 27-29 most every item i was getting from veteran boxes was at the cap…around 197-200.

So when I hit 30, i started opening some of the level boxes and champion boxes that i had been saving (these have a cap of 300 power on items).

I assumed that the way it would work is that once you hit 30, you had a much more varied chance of item power… you could pull out a sword with 200 power and an axe with 275 power in the same box.

That doesnt seem to be the case though, as after opening 9 boxes, every item has been between 198-205 power.

This has me thinking that perhaps your item power is determined by the total of all your character levels, and I need to get more guys to 30 to get 300 power items.

Can anyone confirm this? Or can anyone explain to me how this system works, because I dont want to waste these other boxes im holding on to if I have no chance at 250-300 power items.

As far as I understand it, it’s a -10/+10 chance on each item in the box based on the highest hero power item you have seen on any character. In example, if you’ve seen a 205, your next box has 195-215 range on items you could possibly pull out of it.

So each box you open assuming they are champ boxes, you increase your ‘secret number’ slightly. This means the only way to increase is very slowly by opening as many boxes as possible.


interesting. I hope thats true.

in fact they said that the loot will be +/-10 to the highest item u have had in slot…so opening many cases in row doesnt do any good, best way to get max is open, equip, open, equip…

its not very cool, but this is the way it works, tested it in beta with trinkets, always equipped 2 the best and had 1 stay at starters…those 2 rose uup during the beta till 250 the other one dropped always bout 15

/edit: I think they have made it this way because they didnt acually think of us gathering boxes to high lvl. But in my opinion, the best u can do is keep ur lvl chests (commendation chests) untill u have a decent power lvl on every slot, because they have a max cap of 300 while recruit and vet only give 100 / 200 (couldnt check if they changed the power but it still works this way, so sry if numbers are incorrect)

Unless this was changed in the last two days that’s not how it worked before. You didn’t have to equip the items. I had stock piled a bunch of chest and I opened 5 chests. I could visibly see the power on the items out of each chest go up to the point that it was 10-15 points higher on the 5th chest than the first chest. I didn’t equip a single item.

Further more if you open a chest on a level 1 character it will come out at the accounts “secret” power level, not what that character has equiped. This is how you’re seeing level 1’s in Veteran.

Opened all my boxes and didnt equip anything… you dont need to equip to make it work. Im up to 241 now.

Thanks for the help

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