Best weapons

Does any1 have any information about what are the best weapons in the game? are oranges top tier? What is the approximate power of the top weapons? Any info will be useful

Top is 300, i wouldnt overthink it too much untill you reach 200 ~.

Exotic traits are O.K but not really too impressive save ammo return on crit / headshot

( Only difference about exotic items are the exotic trait, power stays the same )

so if top is 300 per item there is no point in crafting until 30, right?

Level has nothing to do with item power, only with rarity.

False, your combined hero power / item power determines which power level you can craft / get from chests

An this is determined from your HIGHEST powered character so crafting doesnt matter cross class except for RARITY

reely? i thought that as you leveling you get weapons with better power. i am 17 now and best that i saw was 140

Your power level increases with you gaining levels note the stats when you review your inventory

To clarify some misinfirmation, loot is based on the highest level item you have obtained, which is then used as a base and loot/crafting is then + or - from yhatac level item you got.

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I heard the highest weapon rarity is red again.

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Crafting raises up your item power level and gives you fun new things to try.
I guess saving to 300 may be min-maxing if that’s your jazz.

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