Question: Crafting to increase Item Power Level

As of this point I am sitting at around 248 average power from my items. I was curious (since I am sitting on a ton of materials) if there was a smart/effective way to craft my way up to 300 item power. Is it as simple as spam crafting trinkets or do you have to craft items for each slot and bring each slot up individually?

Just spam crafting as you are just hoping to raise the main item level

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Ok, but do i have to be smart about what I craft or can I just spam “ranged weapons” and my hidden item score will go up for all the item slots?

You can craft anything, it doesn’t matter. As far as I know if you you raise the ‘highest seen’ level then you have permanently done it and want to keep doing it. I’m up to 290 doing a mix of crafting and chests.

Tying in with this, something I’ve wondered… does crafting always give you green items or can it be any rarity?

It is definitely any rarity but rarities are gated on your hero’s level. You won’t be crafting anything but high power whites on a lvl 1 character for example.


Latter was expected, I just didn’t get anything but greens so far.

I crafted the item where I had the lowest power level, so the slot could “catch up”. I don’t know if that was necessary though.

I did a ton of crafting when I got to 285 item power. Safe to say that well over 100 crafts barely raised me 5 points. It’s not an effective way to increase your item power. Rather, use it to catch up with “old equipment”.

You can craft white, green, blue and orange. Not red. When you open a chest you get 3 attempts to raise your power level, and crafting is 1 attempt. As far as I can tell they have roughly the same chance individually but the better the chest the more likely a higher item.

I have a question. I know item power is based off of a ‘highest seen’ principal but what i always wondered is, if i am wearing a 250 orange neck and a white 260 drops, do i have to keep that 260 in inventory in order for the next drop to be higher or can i break it. Does the game remember what my highest seen was as soon as it goes in my inventory or do i need to always keep my highest seen item?

The game remembers so trash it