Question: MAx level from crafting

I couldn’t find an answer to this question in the internet. so, i pose to you the wise owls of the forums.

Is 290 max powerlvl from crafting?(Couldn’t seems to get higher than 280s)


Nope, you can craft power level 300 items.


oh ok, cool. thanks again!

Keep in mind however that if you haven’t already “seen” power level 300 items (by crafting or drops) your average level of items made will depend on the highest you’ve seen in each slot.
So to raise your item cap, craft whatever item you’ve “seen” the lowest of, to effectively raise the cap of that item slot.

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yep thats what i’ve been doing…all my gears across the board ‘max as seen’ are 285+ish…tried crafting like 7-8 times never got a 290 or above…thats why had a doubt maybe there were level restrictions to crafting

You will get randomly something +/-5 of the rounded average of the highest seen in each category
You are as likely to get something below as you are to get something above unless you craft in a category significantly lagging behind.

This rule doesn’t change even if you get a red or see 300 items, which is why even with 300/reds in every slot, 295-299 still drop.

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