Finding/Crafting 295-299 power items is boiling my blood

I have gotten 300 power items since well over 100 chests now, but there are still 295-299 power items inside and when im crafting. And its driving me crazy. More than once I got an orange weapon with an illusion, very nice properties and the right trait rolled already, and then i see <300 power roll.
Whats the point exactly? Making us spend more time and scrap to gain maximum power? Its not hard to reach in the first place, and its only serving to be annoying.

Please make chests and crafting provide only 300 power items once you reach a certain amount of chests opened after your first 300 power item, or something like that.


the difference between 295 and 300 is negligible. like maybe an extra 50 damage to your damage stat at the end of your mission. to test this. lets say you have 300 2h hammer. no crit buffs no attack speed buffs. wail on a dummy, mixing between normal and charged attacks and look at the damage. now go to a 295 2h hammer with the same buffs…you are doing the exact same damage

The difference is it doesnt look good on your power level total. In a game like this, set up like this, min-maxing is a thing that comes naturally. And it might just be the difference between staggering and knockdown, power does more than just damage.

It is indeed a negligible difference, but RNG is RNG and people will find reasons to gripe about it. Some of them will be legitimate like the far too low cosmetics drop rates, and some of them will be trivial and unwarranted like this thread.

Until there is confirmation from Fatshark that running 595-599 power gives you literally zero downsides compared to 600, this will be an issue for me and some other people too.
At this point its all speculation, but I think the power system increases your stats when certain thresholds are reached. For example, on 200 power you deal 1000 damage with an attack. On 209 power, you still deal 1000 damage. On 210 power however, you deal 1050 damage. 595-599 to 600 might not give you a difference in damage, but in knockdown power or even cleave. Would make sense to gain the last stage on any three of these stats when reaching the absolute maximum. And since you can only test damage on dummies, the other two stats cannot be confirmed to be unaffected by 1-5 missing power.

Hmm but couldn’t you test cleave at least a little bit by putting the three unarmored dummies next to eachother and watching how much the damage drops off per target? Could even add the two armored dummies at one end if you wanted.
Might need a relatively low cleave weapon, but it seems worth a look.

I was under the impression that the cleaving part of power only increases the number of enemies hit per attack, not the damage falloff. Thats interesting tho.

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