Some info about crafting (and maybe some tips for new player :-)

Hello there!

i’m currently trying to maximize my effort in this game (since i don’t have a lot of time).

Actually i’m saving all my commendation chests till i reach lvl 30 because they have max power 300 so they can drop really good items…in other hands i’m openin recruit (100 max power) and veteran armor (200) more often…atm i am at lvl 20 and i save only the general strongbox of veteran level…

anyway i have some question about crafting:

  1. when you craft a “white” item from a recipe do you obtain the max power for your level? or it is random?

  2. all the 3 “acessories” slot can be upgraded to exotic right? and they have different passives? or you can drop a talisman and a trinket and a neck with the same trait?

thanks all

When you craft an item it would be around the same power level you would get opening your chest. It is accounts for max power on any items you have now, but has a bit of a spread with expectation a little above of what best you have now (probably some kind of normal distribution model). For example, if best gear you have has 100 power, you wuld get smth from 91 to 111, with 99-102 being the most likely (numbers out of head, but pretty close to what you should expect).
As for yellow text traits - they are slot-specific. Necklases are about healing item interaction, and other 2 for potions and grenades. So, if you see item with potion-based trait, you can only swap it for other potion-based trait.

I linked this sometime ago about crafting/powerlevel

would like to chip in as i have recently farmed my way to 300 item level (i work long days so don’t have much time to play too, only on weekends)

  1. when you craft an item it can be white/green/blue/orange. its power level will be something like +10/-10 of your current loot power level.

  2. all 3 accessories can be upgrades to orange, and have different traits/properties. no doubling up on stats on these items.

in order to improve your gear, you need to raise you hidden loot power level that will only increase by opening loot boxes. the more loot boxes you open, the higher grade items will drop. this is capped at 100 for recruit games, so if u want to raise it further, u gotta play vet till u get power 200 weapons. when u start getting 200 power items from vet boxes, you can choose to open all your commendation boxes which have a power 300 cap (similar to champion and legend boxes)

i saved mine up for a boost from power level 200-250. then farmed champion till i hit 300 items.

thanks for the answers!

so the power of the items dropped is not like that of the ones you have equipped right? i mean, if you want stay with a low lvl neck because it is exotic and gives you a good trait you will drop higher items instead right?

nope, whatever you have equipped doesn’t matter, your current ‘loot power’ will stay the same until you open up another loot box to improve it

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