Why does a 297 hammer and shield only do 25 points more damage on a dummy?

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As the title says. I hadn’t bothered with the dummy since i started then i thought id use it to experiment with weapons. While doing so i thought id try various power levels of the same weapon. The damage difference between 5 and 300 is negligible.

So quick question. What is the point of using higher power weapons once you find one with the trait/stats you like?


Your character level and equipment combine to make your hero power. So having 1 item lower level isn’t going to cause very noticeable changes. I have a general rule of thumb that I’ll only upgrade a weapon if its 40 or more power level behind or if it’s a direct power and trait upgrade. It’s only once you get to Legend difficulty that you’ll be going for the higher power possible with the stats you like best.


Your power combines from your hero’s level and your average itempower.

Your hero gains 10 power per level, making it 300 power at level 30. Your average itempower adds all your currently equipped itempower and divides that number by 5 (the amount of items you can equip). Having all 5 items be 300 means:

(300 + 300 + 300 + 300 + 300) / 5 = 300

So finally you have 300 + 300 = 600.

Now changing one weapon from a 300 power weapon to a 5 power weapon changes things to:

(5 + 300 + 300 + 300 + 300) / 5 = 241

This totals to 300 + 241 = 541 power.

And this means changing a 300 power weapon to a 5 power weapon decreases your overall power by about 10%.

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Makes sense cheers guys. Answered my question perfectly :slight_smile:

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