Question about end-game loot

I waited until I had every character to 30, and my Champion boxes were dropping 300s before using any of my Commendation boxes. I noticed within 10 boxes that I wasn’t getting a single orange out of any of them. On a related note, lots of people on the subreddit are complaining there’s almost no way to get green dust anymore, I’m guessing because they’re only unboxing blue and orange quality items.

Does loot quality increase over time, or with +levels beyond 30?
Do 300 oranges only drop commonly from Legend now?
Did Fatshark finally fix green drop rates?

I know Reds drop from Comms at a very low rate, but if quality increases with more play, will Comms have better chance at orange if I wait? Got about 140 still to open.

they do?

May as well open those commendation chests because they have a confirmed 0% chance to drop a red. Loot quality is primarily dictated by the difficulty you play and the quality of the chest earned. You will not see any change in loot quality past level 30. Reds will only drop from General and Emperor’s chests of Champion difficulty or higher. Green dust is still a major issue.

Pretty sure they don’t seeing as the only real plotted data we have showed that 1000 comm chests dropped 0 veteran items.

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Damn, riding on some hype from launch that they were able to. Thanks

Hey there!
Reds definitely don’t drop from Comm chests. They drop from Generals Chests (Champion) and up. So to farm efficiently one has to run Legend difficulty with a good win/loss ratio.

That in itself I don’t mind. But I think the devs should add additional ways to progress towards Reds (Veteran items). Considering their inpact on end-game, where the best possible rolls are desired, relying solely on RNG for them to drop is a hit & miss.
As a proposed addition, why not add a currency you could buy random Veteran items for, or include them as rewards for completing specific deeds. I’m sure there are more ways to make them more relyabli obtainable.

I have yet to get my first one. I’ve played, give or take, 130 hours. Most of that time is spent on Legend and with an OK success rate at (guess) 40%. I’ve looted quite a bit of Legend boxes.

So yeah, I feel the loot system needs a bit of love. Also, the green/blue dust, but that’s another topic entirely.

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I believe the same as V1, reds in V2 are technically possible oranges through crafting. With an overhaul to what tools we have to manipulate traits, maybe it will become less tedious to make our own with the same stats, just like V1. Back then, I didn’t really mind that I didn’t find my first red until almost half a year after release, because most of them were non-ideal traits to begin with, and it was fine to keep them super rare.