All Bogenhafen DLC Skins = 28 Week Grind?

If I did the math right, there are 30 cosmetics, 32 melee weapon illusions, and 22 ranged weapon illusions-- 84 total. We are able to obtain 3 per week. If a player starts today and completes all three weeklies every week, it will take 28 weeks. They’ll be finished in mid-April 2019.

Did I miscalculate something? Is the intention for this content to remain inaccessible to most players? Given how long it could take to get a cosmetic or illusion I want, I would rather have eaten a bucket of sawdust than get that flamestorm staff illusion. (Provided that, in addition to the sawdust, I got that sweet purple executioner’s sword or shotgun).

It’s stingy enough that I would almost (ALMOST) believe that there’s a malevolent intent behind it.


At least absolutely all of them are complete and total garbage, so it hurts a little less that whoever’s behind this either can’t count or has a picture of Patrick Sutherland/Andrew Wilson on their wall.


Don’t forget the challenges. Isn’t there like another 10 DLC boxes there?

But yea, to be fair… it should not be a weekly. We paid for the DLC, let us unlock the stuff. Keep the challenges as hard as they were before, 20 QPs and so on. But have it so as soon as you finish one, you get a new one. As it is right now, you can finish most of your weekly quest in 2-3 games. Collect 9 tomes, do 3 QPs, kill 25 elites. Give us DLC quests and keep the weekly quest separate.

Maybe drop the weekly down to 1 quest a week again but have a normal cosmetic in it, one of the hats from commendation chests and so on. I’ve been very lucky with cosmetics, over 30 hats now I believe. Meanwhile other people have 500-1000 hours and haven’t got a single one. That’s insane.


One would have thought you would get Bogen boxes by completing Bogen maps… simple, straightforward mechanics that totally elude fatshark. Yes I know that people without the DLC would have to get normal boxes but that is a simple check at the end of the map.

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I’m sure no one thought about this and it is obvious to everyone that this is simply the superior option. [/s]

I’d vote against that for example and prefer the current system.

You would end up with people only queuing up for DLC maps for a few weeks. Then people would be complaining about having to continue to do the same two maps to get their DLC content. Just give us general quests that unlock boxes, do not put a limit on them, simple as that. If we want to spend all day unlocking DLC items, we should allowed too. Having to wait a week to unlock 3 new items is pretty lame.


Weekly should be separated from dlc chest quest
We pay for it, then i think we should get other 3 after clearing dlc 3 quest
If fatshark worries about ppl getting all from it too ealry, then i suggest one thing
If player got everything from dlc chest, then make dlc chest drop red dust


  1. The ppl cried the green dust problem… So FS gave an option to exchange it. So the ppl start to cry about “useless” mats or just being unlucky.

  2. The ppl cried about “no red´s and cosmetics”. So FS up´d that and ppl cry about duplicates now.

  3. The ppl cried about a 25 QP - weekly. So 84 weeks if you compare it to the OP. So FS changed that and now? Ppl start to cry about 3 quiet easy / fast weeklies.

Even if i like the game, just shut it down, so such ridiculous stuff will have an end…

Better give all out for free, so the ppl can start to argue again about no stuff to grind / no quests…

The game got it mistakes and some things need a change yeah. But goddamn everything have to be so bad, why are some guys here still play this game, if i read stuff like that in nearly every thread? :

I’m not saying that. You can make them longer or shorter, just don’t put a hard cap on them. Allow us to unlock DLC items as long as we’re playing. Otherwise, it’s basically, log on for 1 day, unlock your 3 weeklies, log off, come back next week.

Add in more quests, add in weeklies that give cosmetics for commendation chests. Add in weeklies that give Dust, even add in hour quests at random. Maybe a quest every 4 hours that gives 20 dust. Give us objectives, things to accomplish.

Give us quests that add up, complete a daily quest 10 times and get a random red. Something, just give us quests…

First of all, don´t take all i wrote down personally.

But how long do you or someone with already 1000h+ in this game need to unlock them all? 1 week?
It got “casualized” again. I´m ok with that, but for other ppl (the OP) it´s still too long or he just plays that much, that “6 days are wasted”.

So these are the ways:

  • Make it faster to get through more quests = The ppl will start to complain about “no content, no stuff to farm, no xyz”, like they did before.

  • Leave it like it is and we´ve ppl, who complain about 28 weeks later. But the “casuals” are fine with that, because they probably don´t have more time to grind stuff like 25QP per week.

This system is the same like in every other game especially MMORPG´s. You can easily compare it.
It don´t even lack on content, the players lack on “doing some other stuff than vermintide”. Even if FS would´ve 300 employees, they won´t be able to bring that much content, that even 24/7 grinder would get fullfilled their time with content / quests / skins etc.
Every game uses a daily/weekly system. The most games even got a “free - login - loot - feature” today. Games need something, that forces the players to come back every day and reward them for 1 - 2h gametime. They need special stuff to grind through long or hard challenges (like the 500 deed frame).
It´s all a way of “build content, hold the player at the game”.

So what is really comfortable to shut down the complainings about this game?

  • Give everyone all red´s?
  • Give everyone every skin/cosmetic?
  • Give everyone chests if they start and run and fail?
  • Give a F about the whole quest/loot/RNG - design and let the 10 players play for fun and the rest will leave immediately, because they got all they want and can´t grind anything more?

The game got changed, because a lot of ppl cried. So what happened? A lot of that ppl left.

  • They got their red´s but duplicates.
  • They got their dust, rerolled a red and all was fine.
  • They got their melee - buffs and every boss is a chicken now.
    and and and…

So what does it need, to kill the game more and more slowly. More quests but no content? More fixes but no content? More hate about FS but no content?
All this game needs to be playable over a long time, is content for that time. More maps, more loot, more quests for a couple of weeks. Every step in the direction “achieve more stuff in less time” would kill this game right now.
I will stay, but what is with the OP? If he can´t play this game for half a year, would he stay , if he got all strongbox-stuff in 1-2 weeks?
Or will you start to complain about “useless dust - quests”? We got enough of it…

Question over question and i can promise… someone will come here, starts to cry /complain about the next quest/lootsystem and they game will be so comfortable for everyone, that even players like me think "ok… 194002497029472091790142409172049 things of useless crap in my inventory… i don´t want to finish the next quest… oh… maybe i just should go die, since my “better bot´s mod” carries me through every legendary deed… and yeah… it takes so much time to craft the tons of red duplicates… So PLS FATSHARK! DON´T GIVE ME ANTHING MORE PLS! I CAN´T HANDLE IT!!! DON´T GIVE ME MORE CONTENT!!!

“Let´s quit this rubbish game, made out of the poor cry - decisions of the stupid playerbase.”

The only way i can think of for negating this hard cap problem would be to use the deeds in some way.
Kind of that deeds on the dlc maps give bögenhafen strongboxes, but then the problem would be to get the deeds. So maybe the very hard deeds could give the boxes to DLC owners.
I always thought before the release that cosmetics would be achievable through the deeds system, but they kind of ignored that opportunity.

You’re missing the point. We paid for the DLC, it only contains weapon illusions and hats/skins. That’s it… Even people who didn’t buy the DLC can play the new maps, so they are not exclusive. We basically paid for cosmetics, fair enough. Give us the ability to unlock them. There should not be a hard cap, that’s just my opinion. If we want to unlock them all in 1 week, we should be allowed to. I have over 800 hours in the game and I still find it fun, I still play nearly everyday. Giving me the ability to unlock the items I paid for should not be that big a deal. Allow players to progress at their own speed. Some people might only be able to do 1-2 weekly quests a month, they might not have as much time to play. When they do get a chance to play, they should be allowed to unlock as much as they can in one sitting.

It´s in every game the same in every game. You pay to play something. A game that got designed and restricted from a company behind it. That´s life…

Yes you do… other don´t, because there is not enough content. Or there won´t be enough to grind, just because you can get all strongboxes within 1 week… and and and…
There won´t be any need for loot, quests etc., if all ppl could play for fun only. But that won´t happening. Any PVE-game need those game-designs to survive more than a month.

That’s the biggest thing for me. I typically finish all 3 weeklies within an hour or two of them going up. Then I wait 6 days and 22 hours for them to refresh. It’s frustrating to not be able to earn the content I feel like I’ve bought. It feels like I bought content that I’m only able to interact with once a week for two hours.

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How is it a grind if you get the quests done effortlessly?

But yes, the content is time gated.

You’re missing the point. We paid for the DLC, it only contains weapon illusions and hats/skins.

Speak for yourself. I paid for the DLC so I don’t have to keep rolling dice to get to play the map I want.

It’s the grind of my mind against the time gate.

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