It takes 66 weeks (536 hours), to get all the cosmetics for this DLC?!

If we play with the idea that the DLC adds one new skin, per item in the game, one new character skin per class, and one new hat per class, we end up with a total of 84 new cosmetic items added (54+15+15). Now, as far as I know, Fatshark haven’t actually said how many cosmetics it adds, which in itself is a bit scummy, concidering that is what you pay for when you buy the DLC. But alas.
Doing all the legend-challenges, completing both maps on legend, and doing the 4 easter-egg challenges, nets you 18 Bögenhafen crates, which gives you 18 of the new cosmetics. Meaning there are 66 cosmetic items left for you to get. As it is now, that is 66 weeks (!!!) of playing the game, and doing the weekly challenges.

If we take this weeks challenge as a baseline of how much needs to be done for a weekly challenge (and disregard the fact that you had 2 days to do this weeks challenge, because of course you did), we are talking about doing 3.5 runs per day. Let’s say everything works flawlessly, you only get to play with people that know what they are doing, and you never have bad luck with a patrol-spawn, or a boss that happens to come when everyone is low on hp, and the game doesn’t spawn duplicate specials on you (let’s face it, it’s not going to go flawlessly, but lets pretend). A run might be about 20 mins, so that is 70 minutes, per day, on average, not counting starting up the game, finding a match and whatnot.
70 minutes (1.16 hours), every day, every week, for 66 weeks, is about 536 hours of gametime (1.16 multiplied with 7 multiplied with 66).
It takes 536 hours to get all the cosmetics in this DLC. What the actuall flying f*ck?

It wouldn’t be as bad if it wasn’t totally random which character you got your cosmetics for. If I open the 18 “free” crates the DLC gives, on Saltzpyre, I should probably get the cosmetics I want, purple flail and purple rapier. Atleast that would have been the case, if these new crates operated like the vanilla crates; but they don’t, because Fatshark just had to take the extra step to f*ck people over. As it is now, the cosmetics being for a random character, the two cosmetics I want might be the very last ones I get, after playing 530+ hours.
And this is not even counting in the reports that people are getting duplicate illusions, which apparently is a bug, although knowing Fatshark pretty well at this point, it probably isn’t a bug.


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