Bogenhafen weeklies future

Now I’m bringing this topic up even tho I’m quite far from finishing it, but I’m kinda concerned about it still.
Bogenhafen DLC brought us two maps and the weeklies. Thanks to the really good Fatshark system for DLC, the “effective” gain for buying Bogenhafen is only the weeklies and challenges for the new maps (not a rant, I really enjoy that system, but that’s a fact). Thus, the bogenhafen crates.

I can’t manage to put it into words actually, but, what is the future of weeklies ? Are they gonna stay empty ? Have another DLC-themed weeklies that also end up running out ? Obviously they can’t make cosmetics weekly run forever, cause this will mean to add at least 3 cosmetics per weeks, and unless the game is in a polished and finished state, we’re not seeing this happening anytime soon.

So, what are you though, what do you think FS should do with weeklies to keep using them ? (or even stop using them if you think they should abandon that system)

NB : Yeah I know all of those sentences have poor wording but I just don’t know what I think about this right now xD


As I’ve heard more and more about this ‘Shop’ that’s opening up in the keep, I’m wondering if the Weeklies will actually end up contributing to the gathering of currency to spend in the shop.

For the Bögenhafen chests they did a very direct “Work --> Pay” system where you got a chest for doing some stuff. I think that, because it was so direct, they ran out of options quickly. 3 cosmetics a week doesn’t seem like a lot, but it’s a huge number of items to create for every month of gameplay you intend to sustain on that system. No less, that system valued a Red-Cosmetic equally to a Green-Cosmetic, etc.

This is entirely speculation, but I’m guessing that the Weeklies will be one of a few sources of currency where, if you work at it, you could pick up between 1 and 2 new cosmetic items per week of quests completed depending on the quality of cosmetic that you want. In addition to a few new challenges specific to DLCs and Deeds/Weekly Events potentially giving extra of said currency, a player could acquire a Veteran Cosmetic every week (so long as they were acquiring nothing else).

It would provide enough output that players never get bored because you are getting new stuff regularly but is still bottlenecked enough that you don’t need to make 700 cosmetics; everyone will be satisfied with earning a new set of 84 over a longer time period like Bögenhafen. Saltzpyre mains can pick up their Veteran Weapon Cosmetics, people who just want that one hat can get it for Sienna, and those who really strive to make every character get the coolest stuff have a lot to look forward to.

Ah, the shop, that’s what I forgot to talk about in my initial message x)

The problem for me right now, is that I don’t know how they gonna handle all of this x)
We have the weekly mutator that are said to be tied with the shop. They are a lot of fun, and I’m pretty sure people will soon begin to want some of them back (I’ll miss the no UI one for example). Kinda confident FS will figure out a way to implement it, either through deeds or other.
Then we have weeklies, which got a “Bogenhafen” tab, meaning they planned to add more tabs (I think). Imo it would be hard to bind weeklies with the mutator and the shop, but it can work. I guess.

And now about the actual content of cosmetics in shop, and as we both said, FS can’t handle a fast cosmetic delivery rythm. Or can they ?
I mean as I suggested a while ago (New Red Illusion system), we could have “red” version of every illusion, that would be a bit less work for FS, and an easy way to add cosmetics, even more if we add in the colour system. Cause I’m still teared apart when I have to pick between the glowy thing and the cool shaped thing :frowning:

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I wouldn’t mind the return of Weekly quests if the only things they gave were Commendation Chests, or, as Torantolis said, some kind of new in-game currency for use in a Shop.


3 cosmetics a week isn’t a lot of effort when 90% of them are minor tweaks and changing an RGB value.

I’ve not done more graphic design than create a raytracer, but I can tell you now that getting those shapes to work properly was an absolute nightmare. Admittedly, I am a novice, but that was hard even when I’d built my own viewing engine.

I can see a wide-variety of scenarios where even recolors could be hard. Might be easy, might not be, I don’t know because I’m not on their design team :wink: moreover, I’ve not ever heard of something (other than Mario’s hat from Super Mario 64) where a single RGB value can correctly alter the color of an item in a video game.

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