Bogenhafen Chests After All Unlocks?

(I would love a response from Fatshark on this, but I make no guarantees that there will be one. I think this is an important discussion to be had amongst the community regardless though.)

I would like to know what will happen with Bogenhafen weekly quest rewards and Okri challenge rewards once players have unlocked all of the Bogenhafen skins?

There have been forum discussions about how long it will take to unlock everything given the current weekly limit and 10 Okri challenges, but I’ve not seen a discussion about what happens after. No one has reached the limit yet, but when people start to:

  1. Will we still receive Bogenhafen chests that in turn give us nothing?

  2. Will they begin to drop duplicates?

  3. If they drop duplicates, are the duplicates only for weapons? Or for Character skins too?

Character skin duplicates and helmet duplicates are useless in the current system. Additional weapon skins less so in the current system, but they take up each users limited inventory space. Given that future DLCs could provide more weapon skins, inventory space will become a problem for many more of your users if adjustments are not made.

I personally would like to see weapon skins change from single use to acquire/own and use as often as you want. For me, this would mean changing how the skins are acquired for each weapon. Given that you now have Character specific challenges, I would add to that system and introduce weapon specific challenges that unlock the skins. ie: x Kills unlocks common skin, x special kills unlocks uncommon skin, x headshots unlocks rare skin. (I believe your team can fill in the rest/find suitable challenges for these)

Doing the above would then make additional Bogenhafen chests useless after acquiring all items, so what do you do? The easiest answer is to reward the player with a Legend Emperors chest if there are no more Bogenhafen items to be gained. I personally don’t think that’s a good reward once reaching end game, but I currently don’t have a suggestion that I think fits for everyone in the community regardless of skill.

  1. If a new DLC comes out that features the same weekly system, will we have 6 weeklies? Or will the weeklies be random with what chest type is given?

Random chest type would not be suitable. You’ll receive a lot of negative feedback with a choice like this, but at the same time 6 weekly quests is a lot for most users. We’ve already seen many threads created with complaint about how long it takes to finish the 3 current weeklies.

I’d like to see the weekly quests for skins to be completely abolished and replaced with skill or play time options, similar to the current Okri challenge quests for unlocking character customizations. I know that not everyone agrees with this opinion, so I’d really like to see others suggestions or for Fatshark to openly share with us their opinions on the matter. From what I’ve seen on the forums, most users care for Vermintide and want to continue playing for as long as possible. Sharing a similar goal on a now core feature of the game is the only way that I see Vermintide continuing forward.

You’re joking right? It takes around 2-3 games on average to finish most weeklies… Unless you get really unlucky with RNG and get the max amount of each challenge.

You’re not wrong, it should only take a few games to complete most of them. I didn’t think they were bad before Fatshark reduced the numbers needed. But if we’re being completely realistic here, there is still at least 1 forum post or complaint a week.

Even if that is the vocal minority and a majority of players are like you and I and find the weeklies too easy, then I would argue that there is still a problem with them. If Fatshark has telemetry on how many players login per week vs how many complete 1, 2, and all 3 weeklies, and how many matches it takes to complete each type on average, they’d be able to balance the weeklies. It doesn’t seem like they have this data though, or they don’t think it’s been long enough to make adjustments.

That said, just adjusting the weeklies still doesn’t solve the issue of what happens after the goal of the weeklies has been accomplished. They are only there to give players skins and a feeling of accomplishment. It’s a core part of the DLC, but does it actually feel good to complete them in their current state? Do a majority of players enjoy being forced to wait for content they already payed for? Are a majority of players getting skins they care about after working for them each week?

I personally don’t care for them, I don’t find them hard, and I’ve gotten lucky and received the two items I care about, but I can tell from the forums that isn’t the case for everyone. If the community agrees that the system is broken and pushes Fatshark towards a better design, then we get a more enjoyable experience, and Fatshark may get a longer lasting game. Not everyone shares the same opinion on what is fun though, so I’m just hoping to spark some discussion on whether or not others agree that the current system is flawed.

I’ve already said this many times, let us unlock the DLC as fast as we want. If we want to sit there for 9 hours doing back to back quests, we should be allowed too.

Turn the weekly into Legend Vaults and then give us a monthly, just 1 monthly with a hat from the normal commendation chests. I think that’s far.

You got at least lucky with the illusions for weapons, it seems. :smiley:

playing 2~3 hours, completing all weekly and waiting 7 days for next weekly.
i think these ‘dlc weekly’ should be refilled as we complete these dlc weekly.

25~28 weeks to get all dlc reward and it is too long compared to dlc in other games
i remembered the reason why dev set only 1 weekly with 25 qp.
it was like they afraid players get dlc reward too fast and we need to play more than 1 year and 6 month…

give dlc owners new red dust aka bright dust when they get all dlc chest and it would be fine
someone thinks players will quit games when they get all things but keep in mind this.
vt2 already lose many players and players who remained are not likely quit vt 2 even if they got all dlc collectible
most of them, including me, are playing vt 2 for fun and getting cosmetics makes them feel more fun

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