25 qp in a week is insane for weekly



Yeah, make that 10 and it is more reasonable.


I wouldn’t say insane, as there are a lot of people who play the majority of their free time, but it is a lot, especially for people who don’t spend several hours each day playing. If we assume 30 mins per run (and no failures) that’s already 1.5-2 hours each day every day, 2.5 hours each day for 5 days, or 6.5 hours on the weekend alone. And that’s without failing, and somewhat fast runs on average. Multiply with whatever number you feel is appropriate to reflect your experiences.

10 might be a bit low for many players, on the other hand, but I’d say 15 could be a reasonable middle ground, meaning it could be done in an hour or two each day, or a few longer sessions (without needing to spend all day).

Just for the record, though, I (and my friends) dislike doing Quickplay in general, so that wasn’t an especially fun start to the weekly quests. Hopefully there are more interesting quests in the future… And I just noticed the quest refreshes in a bit over two days… So a good start. Better hurry up, if you want that first extra chest.


That’s only 3 games a day, not that bad?

3-4 games a day, and that is 1.5-2 hours if you assume 30 minutes per match if you include the overhead before and after matches etc. It takes even longer if a match fails. 1-2 hours a day or get nothing at all from the DLC, sounds like we have payed to do a chore, not for fun.


I to feel 25 is a bit high

I like this suggestion

It needs reduced or it needs to be infinitely repeatable – with no time lock.

As it is, it’s a pretty steep time sink (minimum 12 hours with no failures?) AND there’s a time lock. Hans seemed to confirm on Reddit that progress carries over from week to week. So if you don’t finish it in week 1 or barely miss the Monday reset, you’ll have to wait a whole week to do it again.


My issue isnt that you have to complete 25 missions in a week, that doesnt sound to bad at all (although, this week we only have two days to do it, because Fatsharks logic), the issue is that you get ONE crate from it, and that crate contains ONE item for a RANDOM character. I mean, come on. 25 quickplay missions for one item is insane. It should reward more crates, maybe one Bögenhafen version (since Fatshark seems to think givning away too many is bad) and a few legendary crates, or even vaults… because lets face it, compared to the older missions, 25 quick play games is a very big increase in commitment, even if it’s spread out across a week.


Not commenting on whether 25 missions is too bad or not, but completing 25 quick play missions is not mutually exclusive with completing eg. dailies. Ie. you get progress towards your weekly when you complete that 3 quick play daily.

I’m well aware, but even so, it’s still a lot of time investment for little reward, even if you can complete other missions simultaneously. Let’s all remember, what you basically pay for this dlc, is the ability to earn the Bögenhafen crates, and the cosmetics they offer. Only being offered one of these crates per week, after playing he game that week for quite a fair few hours, is bad practice I think. They should really look over how these crates are given out. One a week is awful.


Are we sure that this 25 qp weekly is time locked?
I have yet to pick up the DLC and wont bother if this is fact.
I will be very annoyed as there will be zero chance of me getting 25 qp wins in a week.

I love this game and even got the collectors to support the devs. So far I have about 400 hrs.
I am an avid gamer with a wife, job, kids but I manage to work in 3 gaming nights a week (which is quite a lot considering).
Say I play for 4 or 5 hours per session and my legend win rate is about 50%, taking into account regular disconnects, I normally come away with 6 or 7 wins. I do play other games as well.

I consider myself to have a fairly high level of skill on VT and often carry (not always) and to learn that the DLC loot is rewarded on tome spent rather than skill leaves me with a nasty taste.

Hell I dont even mind a bit of a grind (4 wins away from 100 legend cosmetic on Slayer at the mo) but I should be able to do that grind on my own time frame.

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