This is straight up a goddamn parody (Weeklies don't stack, same challenge again?)

Not only, is the “new” weekly challenge the exact same one as last weeks, complete 25 quickplay challenges; meaning what Fatshark seems to be going for is you having to play about 1600+ quickplay missions to get all the cosmetics in this DLC, which would only take about 550 hours or so, assuming every quickplay mission takes 20 minutes and you NEVER fail.
Nono, Weekly challenges also doesn’t stack, because of course they don’t. Nevermind the fact that daily challenges happen to stack, meaning Fatshark knows perfectly well how to do it and why they should do it. But Fatshark thinks you should play this game every, single, week for you to get the things you payed for when you bought this DLC. If you don’t have the time, like many people with normal lifes, going to work or school, then your not getting those Bögenhafen boxes you payed for.

I’m flabbergasted by Fatsharks sheer ignorance in this. What on holy mother earth did they think when they sat around a table to discuss these things regarding this DLC? I mean, not even taking into concideration the rate at which you get the boxes, just the simple fact they don’t stack weeklies because they want to force you into the game. Every, week. Doing those 25 quickplays.
I was certain that they atleast would change the actuall challenge into something else, but no, because coming up with new challenges would actually require effort.

The DLC sits at about 40% on Steam right now, because of all the bs Fatshark has pulled with it. And now this on top of all that. I hate to do nothing but complain here on the forums all the time, but this game is so insanely mismanaged by now there really isn’t much else to do until Fatshark get their sh*t together and start to think about what on earth they are actually doing.
Vermintide 2 is a phenomenal game, but even the best of games can be run through the dirt by incompetent developers. I know you aren’t a bunch of corporate assholes in it just for the money, I truly think most of you actually just want to make a good game. So atleast make an effort. Please. The recent reviews on Steam puts the main game on about 60%. Last time I checked, a few months ago, it was on almost 80%. You have to realize that you are doing something wrong when the ratings go down like that.
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I second your rant regarding the 25 quickplays (they said they are aware and hopefully changing it), but a lot of the drops of the steam rating for the base game are still from the RedShell downvotes.

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The reward for 25 missions is to low and feels as just a grind. Boring.


Get Monster Hunter world.
Its a really great Game.

Yeah well, i had the exact same feeling when I saw the “new” weekly challenge :cry:
I was late on sunday and wanted to finish the weekly in case it wouldn’t stack up like dailies and it felt like a CHORE.
There is no fun into that. Especially for only 1 chest of something for a RANDOM character.

So… What’s the plan? Have people speed run and ruin people’s experience? :stuck_out_tongue:
And yeah speed run is still a thing, killing a boss just slows things down a bit. Never left for a Troll or SF, especially not for a SF. Just didn’t see the point of speedrunning anymore until weeklies.

I just want to play normally on legend with friends doing fun challenges. That’s what weeklies should be about. Not running 25 quick plays. I understand that you want people to keep playing the game but that’s not the way to do it.

Okri Challenges are a good thing but a bit too few.
Also, no new Steam success for running maps on legend with this DLC and the Okri Challenges don’t seem to have a difficulty check either, that’s a shame.

I was playing at the evening the first weekly. I was on 23 of 25 and the counter comes to zero. After the Counter resets nothing happend, the old weekly was there with 23 of 25 but no new one. Thats a bug or because i didnt finish the first weekly in time.?

You didn’t finish in time.

  • Weeklies end up during the night between sunday & monday
  • Weeklies don’t stack like dailies
  • Weeklies seem to be the same every week and should be refered as “the weekly” :stuck_out_tongue:

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