[PC] Changes to the Weekly Quests


As noted recently, we have plans to adjust the DLC Weekly Quest to make them both easier to attain, as well as more numerable.

Firstly, we’ll be reducing the 25 Quickplay quest to 10.
An important note here, as the overall changes require a patch to put in place, we will not be able to make the change prior to the reset on Monday. So players will find that once again this reset they have a 25 Quickplay quest in their weekly log. However, once the patch goes live early next week (as is currently the plan), the requirement of that Weekly will drop to 10 and any players with 10 or more Quickplays credited will be immediately able to claim their reward.

Secondly, we will be adding two more Weekly quests to the DLC Weekly Quest pool that have difficulty level requirements to them.
Next week, these additional quests will be a similar style to the dailies in place, such as Kill X amount of Ys on Z difficulty. Beyond next week, the three offered Weekly Quests will be selected at random from the pool of XYZ quests and the Quickplay quest, so you may not see the Quickplay quest in the weekly rotation some weeks and may see a set of XYZ Quests entirely.

Last but not least, we’re not done with these Quests.
We’re putting our fins together and working to design other types of Weekly Quests which go beyond those you’ve seen so far and noted above. They’ll take a bit more time to get in place, but we hope to expand the pool of quests types in the pool and who knows, maybe even put some on offer to all players irrespective of DLC ownership.

Have a great weekend from all of us in the Shark Tank.


thx for responding and good change



Very nice

Excellent changes. I look forward to the patch next week.

Do you know if the kill x in y difficulty will automatically count difficulties above y? Just curious if i’ll need to do a bunch of veteran missions to complete the quest.


They will yep, if a quest says ‘Veteran’ it will count progress on Vet, Champ and Legend.



Hehe, I like this


Perfect :slight_smile:
Glad to see feedbacks taken into account.
All points raised have been addressed.


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Thank you for listening :slight_smile:

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10 quickplay matches is much more reasonable, so thanks for that. Now change the Bögenhafen chests to drop hero-specific loot and we are talking.

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While this is present within the loot-box tooltip, this is not currently how the Bögenhafen chests function. Or, at least not 100% of the time.

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Xactly only 1/5 of the time on average.

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