Please open up Ranked Weave Matchmaking for Season 4

I’m assuming we’re past the mid-point of season 3, so with season 4 coming soon I’d love it if Ranked weaves were once again able to be joined publicly, instead of only with pre-made groups.

I skipped season 3 myself and part of that is because trying to maintain a schedule with pre-made groups can get exhausting. Especially if you miss a day and your team beats some weaves you’re missing, it became even harder to fill out those few you missed with no matchmaking functionality. I also really miss helping people through lower weaves. The shorter nature meant I could hop on and do a few weaves and pop off if I had other things to do. It was a different way of playing Vermintide that I was surprised by how much I enjoyed.

Ultimately I think it’s much healthier for the weave population, being able to just queue into a team. I realize quickplay exists, and I’m not sure what the numbers show, but I have no interest in playing quickplay weaves which feel like they have no reward compared to ranked weaves.

In season 1 I understand the joinable lobbies were used to cheese leaderboard scores in some way, but is it worth it to make the experience so much worse for everyone just to prevent the few people who would exploit it? Furthermore, simple matching logic (e.g., you can only match up to, say +5 above your highest beaten weave) would negate these issues, rather than locking off all lobbies.



I don’t see any reason why players should not be able to join a ranked weave that has already started. This function just scares players away from trying out ranked weaves randomly. This function is just a double standard. The quickplay function and lobby browser are popular, because you can randomly drop in somewhere, where as ranked weaves just do the opposite. This leading to a lower weave player population in general.

Additionally weave leaderboard ranks are worthless simply because they get deleted every season. But to add onto that, to achieve a worldwide highscore in the weaves, everyone uses exploits. I remember Fatshark working very aggressively against exploits and glitches in this game, yet ranked weaves, the only leaderboard game mode, lives from exploits. At this point almost every high weave player knows that ranked weaves are cheesed by simply running past enemies causing them to despawn.


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