Problems with Matchmaking [Weaves]

Typically I queue Weave Quickplay Cata to find people who are interested in Ranked Weaves but I think doing so causes issue with the host and connected players.

For the past few days, either alone in the keep or with a party, if a Quickplay Weave is queued and played, it seems to break the lobby. The players in the lobby remain but no one can join, either through Quickplay or an invite. People that join get a forever loading screen and in the keep we get an infinite spinning portrait, we actually tried to wait it out last night and I started dozing off at 10 minutes so we gave up. This has happened with multiple hosts and the only real fix we’ve found is to have every affected party restart their game. Switching hosts will sometimes allow one or two party members to join, but the same infinite loading bug still occurs until we restart our games completely.

Edit: trying to compile a list of mods that all users have, will update as I get more info and try again having all users disable all mods (once they wake up)
My mods:
VM Framework
Penlight Lua
FF Indiciator
Reroll Improvements
Host Your Own Game
Notice Key
Scoreboard Tweaks
Simple Ui
Persistent Ammo
Killfeed Tweaks
Numeric Ui

Now whether or not Quickplay is selected every time our group picks up a new member that member crashes when joining. The only workaround we’ve found so far is for every party member to restart their game.

Thank you for your report, I’ve raised this with our QA department to look in to.

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