Weave QP Not Counting

I’m not entirely sure if it’s a buf or another feature to make weave experience as frustrating as possible, but here it is. Weave counter of the qp frame is not increasing if you join and complete a ranked mission.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Search for qp weave.
  2. Find and join a weave lobby, make sure it has ranked weave started (not weave quickplay, but something like “52. Gold Ruins”)
  3. Successfully complete it.
  4. Check the challenge “Weave Runner” of season 4, it remains the same.

Sadly, no video or screenshots for this one.

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Yeah, I have the same issue. I try to start a quick play weave and get dumped into somebody’s keep that has a ranked weave open. Obviously the ranked weaves don’t count as quickplay. So i just leave and try again and end up back in the same keep. It’s a frustrating bug. I posted it on the Steam bug forum a couple of days ago. Because there is no option to host your own quickplay weave, you have to wait until the ranked host starts their game or select the same character as they are playing so that you won’t be dumped into their lobby. Weaves are just a mess.

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