FS, are you fixing the OE patch's numerous bugs before Chaos Wastes?

Yeah on the whole there are many bugs which get reported here that have remained either unfixed or had their fixes accidentally undone for a very long time

there’s numerous bugs which also get claimed to have been fixed yet remain active such as the current hookrat animation bug.

Also yeah Perteks is definitely trolling with his question. Not the first time, probably won’t be the last lol


Depends on definition of trolling, from my seat it looks more like he´s not intentionally trying to mess things up as a troll would but…well he is undeniably being an elitist or at least rude about it.

What Perteks effectively did was imply that to have the right to complain about the large number of bugs that dont get fixed/take ages to get fixed you must have a record of reporting bugs which is just being…as mentioned above.


By itself it is a fair question, but not in this context.

By asking the question in response to OP´s question Perteks is effectively stating that OP lacks the qualification to complain about the large number of bugs since OP doesnt seem to have reported a lot or any of them.

Which is being elitist and rather condescending.

Well at least according to my knowledge of English, i could be wrong but i think it´s undeniable that Perteks could have worded it better to make it less…provoking.


Which could be almost a year from now lol.

no no friend they did say CW is coming out this winter so expect this patch in atleast a couple months from now

Let me congratulate you on the past holidays, and express my love, admiration and respect for your hard work. :gift_heart:

There are two things that I have been trying to draw your attention to for a long time. They influence my game by a negative and constant way:

#1 - Patch 3.3 Change - Bots & Ammo problems

#2 - Let me make my Quickplay Weaves game private!

Fix it, please. I believe in you! :heartpulse:

You need to chill boi.

Fatshark devs need to take vacations too.

They are not robots.

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he’s probably referring to all the bugs that have already been reported multiple times through multiple channels

it’s no secret this game has had issues with being a buggy mess at times with a very slow update cycle


Yes. I was 100% aware what Pertek’s intent was. I just preferred he be made to say it instead of me responding to the obvious implication and having him feign outrage about me jumping to conclusions.

That Hedge is defending him and his clumsy attempt to attack my credibility… it makes me just want to stop coming here, not bother trying to interact with Fatshark again. That FS enable and encourage anti-criticism posters like Perteks and Froh is just pathetic.


I don’t think that’s what Hedge meant, you have to remember it’s not like Hedge is going in to the code and fixing these bugs. The community managers do a great job here as far as I’m concerned, but what more can they do then raise these reports internally and hope they get worked on?


So Hedge… you’re saying that if I have not personally reported here about the already well-documented and numerous bugs that were introduced and re-introduced in the OE patch, that I should not complain about them?

  • massive network issues (red ping in every lobby)
  • increased disconnects
  • increased crashes
  • enemies spawning close to players
  • ghost swings
  • enemies hitting through block
  • broken animations
  • erratic commendation chests
  • tomes disappearing on Gardens
  • broken enemy pathing on Old Haunts and Warcamp
  • broken social-only button

Which of these do you feel is underreported? Which of these would my reporting get them fixed faster or get you to communicate with the community more than sticking an “acknowledged” tag on the reports?

Honest question… do you feel it’s reasonable to leave the game in this state for almost two months?

If the problem is that a bunch of people took vacation after the big patch, have you guys considered not dropping big patches right right before everyone goes on vacation? What if you were to do a beta for these changes instead of pushing them live and breaking the game right before a large influx of sale players come in to find the game in a wildly unstable state?


Tried that - didn’t really change much.

Hedge’s response is going to be the best thing he can give. You asked about if they’re going to fix them, his response says that there is going to be a patch. After that the best thing that could be suggested is to make sure the bugs are as well documented as possible. Are there a ton of reports already? Sure but that pre CW patch isn’t going to get there any faster, nor would I expect them to give a date before they are ready because of the community reaction to missed deadlines.

As for the “anti-criticism” posters don’t take it too personally. Fatshark has a lot of critics (like me) and any critique of the game needs to be counterpointed for it to stand up to scrutiny. Also at the very least I respect Froh’s defenses of Fatshark. I don’t find his posts to be hostile or inciting of the critics he’s responding to.

But for the record I think you are correct that many of the issues are well documented. Also I don’t think you’re not having posted them when they’re already documented means you lose the right to criticize. Hell , the first post on the VT subreddit is a ping /connectivity thread that has been up there for a month.


Implying that’s any worse than the reaction to the absolute uncertainty of the future of this game. The community at large has been at once taken for granted and treated like crap for years now. That treatment tends to get responded to in kind.

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Which future? Everyone dies in the Chaos Wastes (because f0ck this, it’s the Endtimes anyways) and then say Hello to Darktide. :man_shrugging: :smirk:

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Hedge’s vague response that they’re planning to do a single unspecified pre-expansion patch is definitely better than continued total silence, but it’s just insulting that they have to be prompted to give even that small bit of info. Why does every little bit of encouraging news have to be dragged out of them?

I know they aren’t blind to the numerous posts across three distinct forums asking about bugs and Chaos Wastes, but I’m struggling to see how it negatively affects their bottom line to simply acknowledge their community’s concerns and let them know they are heard, even if they can’t provide explicit answers.

I don’t think reasonable people are asking for specific dates, and I would hope a game dev company with years of experience would be able to tell the difference between a vocally angry minority and a quieter community at large who just want a bit of reassurance.

As to the “anti-criticism”… I came to this forum quite a bit in the first year after the game launched, but that became less and less after watching so many threads derailed by obsessive posters who would deny anything was ever wrong and who were given free reign to just attack everybody as long as they maintained a veneer of civility.

For better or worse, this seems like the place where one is most likely to get a FS response, but the level of condescending, dismissive elitism that gets dumped on people’s heads, seemingly with FS’s blessing, is incredibly off-putting.


This is perhaps getting a bit off topic but this is actually a big deal as it relates to Darktide. Whatever pros/cons the game ends up having on release, if the core gameplay isn’t stable its gonna be an issue.

In my completely subjective opinion, this forum is actually pretty dead.
I haven’t seen any real discussions for a long time, there were a few about Darktide after the trailer, but that died down quickly. The last Weave thread is unfortunately just a repeat of last season (as it will be if nothing changes).
There aren’t really many people here either, I’d describe the number of regular posters as very manageable.
News, updates and posts from FatShark are not all published here either, or sometimes delayed.
There is almost no communication between developers and community here and most of the topics about suggestions for the game, bugs, etc. have already been discussed enough. So in principle there are really only bug reports and exaggeratedly said “hate triads” that boil up every few weeks.

It’s certainly no fun as a community manager to have to read something like that day in and day out and not have an answer ready, so maybe don’t take Hedge’s statement too personally…

The problems are undisputed, but you can get a stubborn donkey back in front of the car only with a lot of patience.


I’ll quote Bardin on this one: “Don’t bloody miss then, Grimgi!”. I mean seriously, we’re (almost) all grownups here - isn’t that reaction kind of expected?

Well, they do slap those ‘acknowledged’ badges on most of the legit bug reports.

He does get paid for it, doesn’t he? Maybe it is he who shouldn’t get personal with all that and start singing along to a troll song?

The team only really emerged from Festive Hibernation en masse yesterday, which was when I became aware of a pre-CW patch. Our producer reached out to Julia, Lev and I for a run-down of the most pressing issues being bounced around in the forums. It couldn’t have come much sooner I’m afraid, this thread was a great place to bring it up :slight_smile:

I’m not here to defend an attack on your credibiliy, a far cry from it was my intentions but I’m sorry it came off that way. For the most part I take posts in isolation of a posters history or habits, which is probably a fault I should correct in general. When asked if these bugs have been reported, I wasn’t referring to specific issues, but if a poster has found a bug, checking if it’s been raised is a good start, or just posting it up so we can acknowledge the issue is super important. There have been more times I can count where someone says “when will you fix X” when X has never been reported to us. We can’t fix what we don’t know about.

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