Are you play testing before launching?

I left the game a year ago because it was horribly bugged and in a state where it shouldn’t be allowed to be sold. Coming back a few weeks ago to try out the new characters I can hardly believe my eyes.

The game is still filled with the same game breaking bugs that was present as early as the beta and which has been pointed out ad neasuem by forum posts since launch.

Assassins are still an issue. they spawn ontop players and often still dont announce their presence.

Ghosts swings are also still there as are enemies with almost endless reach once they have set their minds on hitting.

Vortexes boing cast from outside the map and vortexes that just keeps going and going and going and going… and going and going.

Lieches that doesnt announce themselves.

And now you want people to buy into your new wh40k game? I guess thats why you made the “trusting fs with darktid” post - hoping to ease the doubts people might have by writing soothing melodies instead of fixing the game.

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It was actually playable for awhile, but the new round of patches since outcast engineer is big SADGE.

I assume they are just tired of criticism they can’t/won’t fix and are going to make/change the game whatever.

In the end, the proof will be in the results.

They obviously don’t play their own games though as they continue to break as much as they fix and sometimes more so.

I for one simply cannot begin to understand what is going on at FS.

It’s simply mind boggling how they can continue to fix one thing and wreck everything else at the same time.

Speaking of outcast engineer. This is why I decided to give the game a go again and the novelty of playing a new class hid some of the aforementioned issues but as of the new patch block is not working half the time and quick weapon switch from gun to melee is also a coin toss.

I do believe they have worst (or zero) QA ever

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I put in alot of hours when the game launched, but quit between jan 19 and nov 20.

When I came back to the game, alot of bugs were fixed, and so I put in alot of hours.

I made new friends, spent money. Now here we are feb and its the same old broken game all over again.

I tend to stick to games for years. I can’t put into words how disappointing outcast engineer patch has been =(

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Yeah I feel you. I returned to the game because of the OCE and this is what I come back to… jesus f… christ.

If an employee of a company - lets say it’s an it hardware company and the employee keeps messing up everything he does, he is not going to be employed at that place very long.

Lets say he’s a salesman at microcenter and every time someone buys a prebuilt pc he fills out the forms incorrectly thus leaving the customers with a machine that doesn’t function as it should. Lets say that instead of getting the rtx 3090 card machine he gets the rtx 2080 machine. The customer comes home and fires up the machine and for a while everything might or might not seem to be in perfect order. But soon he begins to realize something is off. Something is very wrong. He then goes back to the store and gets what he thinks is now the correct machine but once again the employee has messed it up. Sure enough the gpu is the right one but now it’s the wrong cpu. Back to the store and get it fixed only to come home to realize the employee has yet again messed it up with the wrong motherboard… The customer is now not only VERY annoyed and most certainly wants the sale anulled but he and every other customer of that place is also wondering wtf is going on at that place. Customers will most certainly also wonder why the employees arent checking if it’s the right machines before they hand it over/send it and how come they haven’t learnt from previous mistakes of the same kind.

Now it wouldn’t be wrong to call the employee/s of that story to be highly incompetent and one would most likely not do business at that place any longer.

Now Imagine that instead of this place being called microcenter it’s called fatshark… get my point.

What games do you guys play that don’t have bugs?

You know what’s annoying? Ice skating maulers and zerkers. I just kill them knowing they can ice skate.

Bosses 180 hitting you? I expect it and look poke then back up.

Game disconnecting because of backend server error? This is super annoying but rare. The same thing happens in escape from tarkov except it takes 20 minutes to load into a map, you lose your gear and u
Its much harder to get. When you reconnect after another full 10 min you are dead with your gear gone.

Astronomer you fall through the map and chunks don’t load so sometimes causing you to fall to your death, losing all your gear,

Minecraft you can glitch through blocks and fall into lava losing all your gear or family very far making it hard to recover your gear wasting hours of time.

Deep rock galactic, Conan exiles. you can be digging and glitch off a cave wall falling to your death. Enemies will slide glitch and hit you when they shouldn’t be able to.

Ark your stuff can just disappear and you can get caught on clipping planes or get him when you shouldn’t

Overwatch and tf2 you can get caught on clipping planes if you are pathing outside of normal paths and eat shots you shouldn’t have.

Risk of rain you can glitch off a ledge or through the map while running too fast and fall to your death or into an enemy attack, enemies can hit you when they shouldn’t be able to.

Hitman characters can see you through walls as you kill causing you to fail a mission even though they shouldn’t see you.

Dark souls you can get stuck on clipping planes and get rekt by enemies. Same for devil may cry and ninja Gaiden 2 and idk how many other games that require very fast mobility. Also attacks missing due to terrain or clipping planes.

How about the buggy mess that was no man’s sky or even cyberpunk which was delayed so many separate times.

There are countless mission ending, death causing glitches in gta and skyrim which are from massive studios.

I “literally” cannot think of a game I’ve played that I haven’t died in due to a bug or issue that was unfair and don’t know that any bug free games exist going all the way back to sega genesis and super Nintendo.

Yeah bugs are annoying but every time i see these threads its like you guys have never played another game. Im not being a fan boy for fat shark but your expectations of them in these threads are indane…play any other game and you will have issues, face bugs, and die when you should live. Then you learn it exists and don’t do it again unless you are dumb.

I’ve never seen a bug in solitaire, maybe play that if you can’t handle having any issues or any losses due to something unfair happening.

Accommodate where you can, call out that is a problem so it can be patched if possible/ worth the time.

Of course they are testing, but there are how many characters and levels and weapons and enemies and talents and paths through a map?


I havent played other games that been around for several years without fixing major bugs from the beta phase ._.

Bugs in game is common, bugs lasting that long or constantly coming back though? Not so much, especially not major bugs.


Bugs exist in all games, that’s true.

But other studios seem to have the ability to make improvements and continuously squash bugs for good.

Tiny patch today and I came in from work to the “install” button on VT2 rather than the “Play” button. Clicked it and Steam had to detect everything before installing patch. Crashed twice and now I’m verifying the files.

At this point it’s pot luck whether things improve with a patch or not. While there are some things that can be countered - such as the ice skating enemies - I’m just fed up and fatigued by the constant list of seemingly mindless crap that somehow makes it into the live branch.

It’s just making me REALLY suspicious that there’s behind the scenes testing of things for Darktide that is really f*cking VT2 hard. The whole thread about trusting FS with Darktide should have all the pictures of miniatures and stuff removed and try to show how they’ve built a stable product. There’s little point trusting FS with the lore if the actual game is a crashy buggy mess with terrible loot/deed/rerolling systems and seemingly no will to get things right first time.


Spaghetti code, its likely that concurrent patches, undid or messed up some previous bug fixes. That said, the game has felt pretty polished until recently, the return of some unfortunate bugs is a very recent development.

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Bots now use healing potion if they are at 40% health.

But they refuses to heal at wounded state now. How this changes go live? They leterally have not been tested at all. This game has tons of such examples. It’s ridiculous.

None of the things op mentioned are game breaking. I’ve played since patch and haven’t had any of the issues mentioned.

Enemy attack animations not meshing with their actual hits is the game, also exacerbated by fov changes.

Ghost hits while not host cant/won’t be fixed because it is most of the time bad network/ latency. They fix it with dedicated servers and not p2p connections which won’t happen. I recently changed isp to get 1gb down for 20$ less than I was paying for 100 down and I have not seen this ghost hit issue and I never host.

Some maps are big and obstructed and I can never see strormers, look at the lines that come from the tornadoes.

Assassins often announce themselves and stay on the map then gib you a bit later, this seems like they are not announcing themselves but they did, you just didn’t kill it fast enough. They also whisper constantly. Have not recently been silent insta’d but an assassin.

Have never had a leech not announce.

So to me it comes down to things that are beyond fs control and people not knowing the mechanics, then making threads saying “the game is broken” without reporting, without video showing anything and it isn’t helpful, is just people complaining that they lost a run, or having a legitimate issue where a bug actually is reintroduced which does happen, but it is just saying just fix all the things fs, surely you can just look at the code, surely you know my network and pc specs. Surely you know my sound setup, surely you know the other programs running in the background.

Its not helpful for fs, and imagine the community trying to help replicate the bug so it can be fixedbor keeping an eye out for said bug. It isn’t helpful.

To me it is not a request to fix anything it is a complaining thread that says “there are bugs in the game” hence my previous post, I haven’t played a game without bugs so it isnt surprising that there are also bugs in this game.


Paying customers have a right to complain about issues with what they paid for

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…I mean sure, an assassin spawning 3 meters behind you during a horde and jumping 0.5 seconds later does not crash the game but it sure as hell breaks the enjoyment. And i´ve had it happen.

Except it´s actually a problem of coding on several weapons like keri´s 1handed axe, there are dedicated posts to this. Her spear´s third light attack is also prone to hitting the ground or corpses and just failing too if you dont aim high enough.

No wonder, since there are multiple maps where they are casting through walls and whatnot, just like gunners shoot through them in the troll mine.

Admittedly i have also not encountered a silent leech per say, just multiple spawning at the same time with the warning of one.

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Fair point but it doesn’t help solve the problem to say there is a problem and not provide info about the problem or details about it.

Its not a toaster where you call the number and they send you another toaster and even if you did they would get details about how it is not working.

“Every game has bugs so you should just deal with it”
Get a load of this guy

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I have just under 4000 hours of gameplay and I have submitted a substantial amount of bug reports - nay a fockton of bug reports. To put that into perspective here is a chart.

buttload * 10 = 1 butt ton
butt ton * 10 = 1 assload
assload * 10 = 1 asston
asston * 10 = 1 shitload
shitload * 10 = 1 shitton
shitton * 10 = 1 fockload
fockload * 10 = 1 fockton

I have also spent a substantial amount of time on this here forum - nay an assload of time and during that time I have seen the same bug reports being posted ad neaseum without pause.

I have personally witness everything from silent assassins and hook rats to leaches and trolls chasing us beneath the level floor.

Saying that people who complain is either new or doesn’t understand the mechanics is lazy and arrogant. Either you havent spent much time on the forum, which I can understand why you wouldn’t or you havent been paying attention to the bug report section. It is literally the same reports coming in again and again.

When something keeps coming back like silent assasins or ghost swings there is something wrong with the initial coding and adding code to code doesnt fix it.
And this is the actual issue as silent assasins, ghost swings etc has been there since the beta but FS has either not been able/competent enough to fix it or they simply didn’t have the time because of deadlines etc.

Now I payed for the base game and I got my moneys worth but that’s like saying I bought a new car that was faulty in some way but now 3 years and 300.000 miles later I got my moneys worth. The car has seved it’s purpose. Well the care was still faulty…

You’re honestly that surprised? Its fatshark. There are bugs and no sound problems that are still in the game to this day that are from the very first first beta…

Cyberpunk is being fully refunded on xbox/ps4

The game is already significantly worse on console than it is on PC.

There are some issues that you can’t “git gud” at on console because the controls/hardware/statlines/lack of mods prevent you from working around it.

I shouldn’t go from being able to take bots into legend and win consistently ( about 100% without and 80%+ with) one week and then not EVEN BE ABLE TO COMPLETE a map the next.

I’ve been playing Fatshark games since Lead and Gold/Kraken. I think I’m about done. This is a feature of their company and I’m done.

I do feel like others, that the game is too riddled with bugs and connection issues. Every patch there seem to be some issues fixed, but you run into the weirdest new bugs. My problem is, I still love the game, but it needs way more ****** attention from fatshark, and it simply doesn’t get it. I seriously believe that they could have made an awesome lasting game here, yet failed to note it themselves.

Bug fixes take long. New content takes long (though depending on what it is, it’s fine to take time to make sure it works without bugs and becomes a great addition). And then I hear things like “working with skeleton crews because the majority in FS are working on a new game”. So basically you leave this potentially great game and start making a new game to hope for a better out come?

If I look at some statistics, the game didn’t do that bad at first and pulled a decent amount of players. Improve and add, based on their feedback and things go a long way I would say, improving player base, which means faster/more games for your players. Then you pull more players with trailers of the new content coming, and perhaps due to streams from many of the players playing your game. Instead what we see is 2 months later, the amount dropped 10 times lower.

Now I will say that the starting amounts were pretty high so a drop is suspected, but this game tanked hard. Compare for example with L4D2, who easily hits more than double the players steadily during it’s lifetime, and recently released a free (community) update with free weekend on steam, doubling their players for a few months now.

Skin stores are a great idea for extra revenue, but if updates and specially bug fixing is this slow, it will not net you that much, since the rest of the playerbase will slowly fall more and more as well.

Now if things are really spread so thin, double down on your game instead. Cause right now I have pretty much zero interest in another fatshark game, even if it would be Vermintide 3. This is simply due to that VT2 is barely playable 50% of the time. Now if many of the VT2 players feel the same way as me, loving this game, but being annoyed it seems to get little attention from the creators, therefor not being interested in more of your games you can start making new games all you want but it ends up in low sales and eventually perhaps no sales at all (if the new games turn out the same, and those players get annoyed as well etc. etc.).

I really love VT2, but so should you, so give it more love as a company. Invest in it more and you will probably see a bigger return for it as well. Also add a few more small things like skins to the store every month or so to keep things roling. We know things are coming in the near future but, with the way updates are going (sometimes breaking as much as it fixes) I have a hard time staying at it with this game :frowning: