Are you play testing before launching?

I basically agree with everything you wrote.

I read an interview with FS a few weeks ago wherein one of the interviewees said they hadn’t been good enough listening to the players on what they wanted and what the game needed which says it all. The forum here is basically made for just that; So FS can get a feel on what’s what from the player base and yet they had no idea what the players wanted…

Long story short; FS isn’t listening for whatever reason and as such the game will suffer for it and they will probably not understand why which then explains everything.

Possibly the engine isn’t man enough to even make effective changes. What if it’s absolutely at the limit of what’s possible with the engine? What if bug fixes simply can’t happen with the current game? What if it’s such a tangle of overlapping stuff the WoM HAD to be a separate game mode as the base game is completely screwed to the point it is easier to make a whole new mode than tinker with adventure mode? What if they’ve given it up as a bad job and are fixing all that’s wrong in VT2 by fixing it in Darktide?

And really depressing… what if Darktide is built exactly the same?

It won’t be a day 1 purchase for me for Chaos wastes or Darktide until we can "trust fatshark " to not repeat exactly the same mistakes over and over again.

This game code must be full of workarounds, that’s why every time they “fix” something it ends up breaking other stuff, its just like a snowball that always keep on rolling.
And of course they also don’t test things properly before release.

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