Slight Rant: Where patch?

It’s been ~2 months since the last big update and there are still a many issues that sap quite a bit of fun from the game.

Some are just data in tables, like weapon traits being excluded from certain types (these data-driven bugs really should be hotfixes), and could probably have been fixed a while ago.

Others I suspect are a bit trickier, like broken player/bot spawns.

Edit: And let’s not forget penetrating bug trollpedoes on Engi w/ range piercing talent (this is a big one), or CW Weap Trait on other weapons too.

Others still are questionable design choices, e.g. changing ALL the ranged boons to weapon traits (e.g. ammo pickup =reload speed buff), adding ANOTHER barrel boon, beastmen banner spam (even on non +Specials maps) etc.

The point is, even having fixed SOME of the bugs by now would have gone a long way to smoothing out some rough edges, surely the data/table driven issues could have been patched in already? Borderlands 3 would hotfix these simple value changes at launch.

I realize it’s all hands on deck for Darktide, and I’m SUPER stoked, but after the delay I feel there should have been a tiny fraction of time to squash out some of the more severe issues.


I’d just be patient and play something else in the meantime. I’m sure they’re working on it.

They’re not. They’re working on Darktide.

Might get a last patch when Sienna last career is out. Then all is dust (and not in a Thousand Sons kind of way).


It’s the simple things that frustrate me. Problems where just swapping one string would fix it.


Come on, give FS some credit. I’m sure they will deal with it as soon as they release Darktide and provide that game with the complementary 2-7 hotfixes, 2-3 small patches and at least one emergency major patch. They may even fix the VT2 launcher issue after that!

Yeah a fix to the enemy mesh would be great, I love when the host lags behind or takes off and elites start appearing in front of me mid swing. Had an enchanters the other day where I stayed behind to kill trash in the end sequence so the team could catch up, the host took off and we got surrounded by 8 stormvermin that beamed down from the enterprise that second. Thankfully I was BW.

As for fixes being as simple as a line of code, Bretonnian Sword and Shield’s push attack is still missing 2/3s of its hitbox…not holding my breath.

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looks at Kruber’s Spear & Shield/Brettonian Sword & Shield being unpatched for over a year/two years

Regarding Spear & Shield. The block delay on light attacks was removed on the Be’Lakor Update ( I don’t fully agree with this, it makes l1 block cancel the best at everything). It still has the wrong profile on the overhead heavy2.