Hotfix #30 (1.2.23)

Devoted Rejects,

Happy 2024!

We are currently gearing up for the coming year, and kicking things off with Hotfix #30.

Please find the notes below:

  • Fixed a crash which could happen when trying to display information of a player which was still entering the Mourningstar.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies that weren’t aimed at could be hit by fully automatic weapons while aiming down sights and using a gamepad.
  • Fixed an issue where the Agripinaa Mk XIV Quickdraw Stub Revolver did not display any information under the “Reload Speed” stat when inspecting the weapon.

Dev note: The issue was only affecting the UI; the Reload Speed was correctly modified by the stat.

  • Fixed an issue where Poxbursters could fail to be staggered by a Psyker Force Sword push-attack if hit at the very outer edge of the attack effective range.
  • Fixed an issue where hair was incorrectly removed when equipping the Psyker “Deimos MK VIA Rebreather” and “Deimos MK VId Rebreather” head gear cosmetics.
  • Fixed an issue where music failed to play during the Monstrosity attack in the end event of the Consignment Yard HL-17-36 mission.
  • Fixed various uncommon crashes.

Nice o=

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Hey, it’s good to know that certain technical issues are being addressed, although could we also get some news on how the sound engine issue is being handled?

The audio, notably audio cues of enemies, have been unbearably inconsistent over the last couple of patches and not being able to hear threats, which should emit some sound, is really building up to a frustrating experience overall.


Looks good! Thanks for the Updates. Does anyone know any eta on the sound bugs that appear occasionally? Temporary fix is changing the audio output from night to default and so on.

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So the developers have returned from their winter break.
Edit: Almost 5 GB. I’m impressed.


We’re back, lads!!!

Weird no news of how long the patch will take or when the game will be back up and running

It’s a Hotfix not Server Maintenance, no Downtime and patch is live already.

Maybe works different on Geforce Now then, because it says patching and available in a few hours

Yeah that sounds like it’s Geforce Now related because on Steam it auto updated and i can launch it back up already.


Thank you.

No fix for plasmagun sometimes not having sound or animation when shooting ? No fix for silent trappers ?


I don’t mean to pick an argument and I absolutely agree and can attest to the soundless specialists (specifically trappers and bursters) being a massive problem right now.

I mean, I’ve logged all of my downs for the past 1.5-2 months and those literal cheats are directly responsible for ~60-70% of them. That doesn’t even include the indirect effects, like how many team wipes are caused by people blowing up bursters on other’s faces for not even knowing it was there, etc.

But I don’t see how news about this would be relevant. They have acknowledged it as a bug and are working on it. I’d prefer they focused their efforts on that work until it’s fixed, rather than placating us with pointless updates that wouldn’t make a difference anyway. :smile:


Maybe you could have just told them that it’s an acknowledged bug (with dev response) rather than not picking an argument with that argument.

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Well, we’ll see. Hopefully they fix gunner pushback in the next patch.


Just seconding this. I know it’s been acknowledged that it’ll be in a coming patch, hopefully soon, and there’s assuredly good reasons for it not being in this hotfix. But, it’d be nice to know when it’ll be addressed as it’s the single biggest pain point in the game right now and the #1 thing keeping me excited about playing Darktide at the moment.


I really appreciate all these fixes, but I find balance changes far more interesting. I look forward to seeing what you have planned.

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Crazy gunner pushback/stun fixed when?


Is the memory leak thing a minor crash issue? I don’t get other issues. Please get rid of equipment locks so I can inventory compress to avoid this if you are incapable of fixing it properly in any decent time frame.


Just wanted to say that removing the horde music from ambush events in the last hotfix really hurts the game in my opinion. Just played the first match after a few weeks and it’s really weird having no soundtrack in those moments.