Hotfix #30 (1.2.23)

so a 5gb patch but a 10 sentence ish hotfix?
Not even mentioning the big issues so how is it 5gb with just 7 fixes???


Same question.

That’s a lot of data for minor fixes.


maybe they added shirtless to the game would be reasonable to be a5gb update


My guess is that they just replace entire chunks of the game with ‘new versions’ rather than going to the fiddly work of replacing precise files or smaller changes.

This is probably also how bugs keep sneaking back in.


Still no fix for eviscerator bloodletting being only 6 stacks at tier 4? No fix for specials not making their sounds most of the time so we’ll continue to have poxers blow up on us from stealth? Or maulers ninja one shotting us from the backs? Sounds great, keep up the cosmetic fixes though.

Least we know they’re back from their break…hopefully in another 6 months we’ll get the sounds back for specials and elites…and by then a whole year before bloodletting is fixed on the eviscerators.


maybe they realized we play on a different version than the devs do :slight_smile: most likely how the old gun push “mechanic” bug got back into the game :)))


Ok, ok, you get a long winter holiday, no need to rub it in.

Oh I don’t mind the argument, I’d say that I could have been clearer with my intentions behind the post, because deep down I know that we will not get a straight answer. It’s an issue they will have to resolve and it is indeed useless to demand a thorough answer to the community’s concerns about it (I’m sure I’m not the only one).

What I wanted to achieve with bringing this up yet again is to get some traction on it. I believe it still is a pressing issue that contributes to dissatisfaction of many members of the community, myself included. With how much traction this update-related post is expected to get, I wanted to remind everyone in a way that this is still something that hasn’t been addressed, and I would like FS to keep in mind that it is negatively impacting my satisfaction with the game.

I.e., my muscle memory I’ve grown over the last couple of months has been rendered useless, because the cues are very subtle or play when the danger is already too close to you to make a comprehensive decision about handling it. It’s not fun and while I could develop a skill set to alleviate that for the time being, I would much rather the game behaved in an expected way. This has been the case in the previous -Tide games, it should remain so in this one, as it was designed.

Nevertheless, you make a good point about being clear. I rushed the reply out of the door to send a message, without much thought being put into how it would be interpreted, but I’m glad I could have made myself (perhaps) more easily understood. Cheers!



Elodie made a good point however, and I’m content to have provided an elaboration on it.

Still no plasma fix? It’s been broken for almost 2 months now, come on man.
Not playing nor excited nor spending dollars on skins until it’s fixed.


Well in this respect I couldn’t agree more! It definitely needs that traction. I can’t overstate it enough how absolutely exhausted, tired, and angry I am with how T5+ plays right now. Getting wiped or just downright having to quit out of sheer frustration after the 4:th soundless burster blowing up on my face or back, or the 5:th soundless trapper through a random corner or whatever all inside 2-3 minutes of each other…

I’ve had about enough tbh. And I mean it.

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Some people claim a patch is on the horizon, but where did you hear that? Additionally, there’s still no communication from the developers about any upcoming bug fixes, and I find this lack of information quite disappointing. Or did I miss something?

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Julia made a statement about I think the Deimos headgear that it would be fixed in the next couple of weeks - and, well, it’s been fixed.

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Are there like more or is it a small amount of bugs that the are going to fix?

I think this is it tbh.


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I see nothing about the plasma gun’s projectiles being fixed.
Oh well, glad to have you guys back. Hopefully your vacation were nice.

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This needs sorting quickly - know issue for a long time!

Totally agree!!!

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The blessing-killing typos are killing me, 4 months soon.
p.s. 8m (instead of 15) range on all “close range” blessings typo bug is still with us.