Tech, No Mage still bugged

I have killed multiple Leeches, Storm Sorcerers, and Burblesque a few times now, but the objective still will not mark off as completed. This is more of just a question as when this bug will be fixed.

I can’t provide an exact ETA, but we have a fix internally, so this should be resolved in our next patch! Apologies for the inconvenience in the meantime.

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Not to be an ass but you do realize that you guys do not patch all that often? Sometimes there´s not just weeks but months between patches even.

Well to be fair i do not know where to view mini updates on steam but i wana recall that those arent terribly frequent either. And with that said, or written rather, is there no ETA for the next patch at all? Like two months from now or something?

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To me it seems like FS just decided not to announce ETA at some point, because as we all know it has been the cause of many… discomforts. I wish they announce ETA and keep it but if for some reason they find it hard to do so, I suppose not announcing it at all could be better than breaking it.

Well this does seem to be the case, but at the same time it kinda sucks when game systems like Okri´s challenges start bugging and it´s just left unfixed for ages.

Well that goes for balance problems like previous moonfire too though, really makes one wish patching was a whole lot more frequent.

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Although I see not much wrong with current MB I do wish patches were more frequent. I’ve heard that there are only handful of people working on V2 tho, as most of the FS devs are focusing on releasing Darktide.

Before or after the first major rebalance patch for the v2.x of Darktide?

I don’t think anyone pointing out that the fact that years old stuff hasn’t been patched can be called an ass.

Well its question of interpretation, since i highlighted that patches are so rare i am kinda saying that a statement of “it´s probably going out next patch” is pretty much saying nothing time-wise.

Its just kinda pointless fluff from him.

Picking on details like this can get on peoples nerves at times : p


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