Maybe we should stop asking FS to do something?

It’s clear that they won’t do anything, our begging just insults us. Look at the date of last patch (it was 1.0.8 patch) since that day we constantly asking them to improve or fix the game, and they answer with silence. We look’s like peasants asking their masters for food…


…wat? Did you seriously miss all the patches since then? Sure some of the recent ones have been small, but they’re still patches. And 1.1 was a huge one…


The problem is they seem to keep breaking things as fast as they fix others lol. They really should have people testing the patches before they release them xD But that would only divide the community even more.


Patch gave us cosmetics and only cosmetics, all updates, since the release of patch 1.0.8 consist of 4 or 3 lines, which fix patch errors


They got our money. Now they want Xbox money.

Yes, not much point in posting now. I’ve not looked in a while and seem to have missed nothing.

They only need to burn you once though, which they have, by releasing a buggy unbalanced mess that didn’t learn anything good about v1. Simply don’t buy into further products they come out with.

You know how to raise the spirit…

Nothing is clear. They did anything and they´ll do in the future.

You want some fixes? Ok but that won´t help. Every little fix will bring new bugs. It´s better to take a month and bring a major update, which got tested in their studios. The last fix was the packmaster-audio-issue. I never had problems with the audio until this patch, which killed the blightstormer-voicelines. In the hotfix the next ppl cried, that it’s still to quiet.
So maybe they should spend money into a good headset and all is fine…

There is no reason to hotfix something, that wont kill the whole gameexperience.
But yes… some ppl should learn to be Patient and stop begging for the same Things over and over again.

Previously, we received a patch every week, or two. They really changed the game, they were fun and interesting, even to just read. Now… timing haven’t changed but those 4-lines patches looks like a spit.
It’s like: “Here, take it, we haven’t release anything for two weeks”

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Ok FS got 70-80 employees right?
Let’s speculate a bit…

  1. There are teams for everything (PC,Xbox, Graphics, Audio, programming, etc.)

  2. It’s summertime… the playerbase Fall everywhere even like the ppl at FS probably get some holidays. Ans you cant even tell someone else “please look at it in 2 weeks”. It needs time to get in a code, somebody else created.

  3. The game works fine right now, even with some bugs. They probably work on mayor issues on the xbox and hopefully on the dlc maps. This game needs content and not more bugfixes atm.

  4. There could be even some trouble inside. We dont know…

  5. Still a lot of work for a little company.

Forget 6.

They have to discuss all our “Begs” which takes time too… set priorities etc…

Based on reddit some of them are taking summer vacations too, so they are probably really understaffed atm.

Vermintide 2 sell over the million of copies in first weeks, and that was after a successful Vermintide 1. Maybe there was a time to grow up and hire some man in team, game have big community that want updates. Luckily, FatShark doesn’t think about such nonsense

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That have brought more risks and 1 Million is nothing in the Gaming Industry. FS dont have other Games , Abonnements or shops were they would get permanently money.
Actually they search for some ppl, but to get really bigger,would probably kill this company due to the lack of income.
Nobody could say that those 1kk would buy the next dlc. Maybe 50k do… only 20k pay for the 2nd dlc etc.
They dont even invented Warhammer, so they cant go for more / adaptive games on mobiles etc. They have to pay a lot for holy Sigmar.
Whoever have the control about FS is doing a quite good job.

Even for large company such as EA and Ubisoft it’s a great achievement, but Dart_Angeal is not impressed. And if FatShark have no permanent source of money, how they getting their payment?

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Uh… did you miss Okri’s Challenges?!

Really, you expect them to crank out major content every other week? let them hang back and figure out what needs to be done next. listening to the fanbase is why the game shipped in the state it did…

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Man you’re funny. Quote and still typed the name wrong. Only 1 Million copies sold , is a reason for EA/Ubisoft to close another studio and definately dont design a 2nd game. Next to some Mobile games , they design AAA games with partially 10/20 millions + sold expectations.

They definately couldnt for long, if they would spend every cent they earned with sales into new man-power, like you said. It’s pretty simple logic Mr.

Simultaneously, not listening to the fanbase, especially the ones posting bugs and various broken things in the betas, is why the game shipped in the state it did. Not to mention a good chunk of “fixes” just turns out to be just removing the feature instead of fixing it.


Not to mention a good chunk of “fixes” just turns out to be just removing the feature instead of fixing it.

Oh no, if Robin hears you, he will declare you a conspirator spreading thin lies.

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And here we are. I have hoped the game would be somewhat fixed by now, and have hoped that the launch of VT2 would be slightly improved over the launch of VT1, but I’m crushed by sadness. The various continuous bugs and the truly irritating chest/crafting/RNG is destroying my faith. I hold out no hope of a revival of the numbers of players and have a crushing feeling that the mod support is only going to hammer another nail in the coffin. I have firmly placed both my feet on the road to disappointment and have no hope for a revival or massive bugfix in the future.

I feel the warp overtaking me, it is a good pain.


Everytime for months now.
I would be totally with that if anything had happened. Yet it didnt. What I got was silence, armors in different colours and helmets that are just the default version with some added/taken away details and achievements.
The bugfixes are absolutely scarce, made things more buggy or are just workarounds. Even worse, people pointed out truckloads of problems in every former testing phase and got outright ignored.

There is a difference between releasing a well done unfinished game but fixing it shortly afterwards and releasing a broken pile of code that is basically below an early access version and needs complete overhauls to even function properly. See the buggy patrols.

There is a difference in having not enough manpower to communicate and ignoring complete boards full of beta testers telling you reapetedly that stuff isnt running smooth at all if even and implementing your own idea of bugfixes and balance changes no one asked for afterwards, throwing even more bugs and glitches into the system.

There is a difference in poor balance choices and passively encouraging a ranged meta because your melee focused game is so bugged that said melee combat is not viable by any means.

There is a difference in “good ideas but poor execution” and simple design flaws (crafting, looting, connection like in the 90’s thanks to p2p, host migration etc)

Last time I tried, this game didnt even start because of backend error Number over 9000.

Thats how it is.

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