Customer Service, Player Appreciation, and Dishonest Marketing

So FS, are we just gonna pretend the big customer service discussion following 1.1 never happened? Cuz it kinda feels like you’re just ignoring it again and hoping the problem goes away.

Do you have any plans whatsoever to address the people who bought this game on day one after being blatantly lied to by your marketing department? Ie. the people who played for hundreds or thousands of hours through what’s still an Early Access glitch-fest then had their stats wiped. As hard as it is to trust you right now, it would be better for you to talk to us.

As it is, I’m gonna have to “draw a line in the dirt” and not financially or socially support you until you get your act together. The fix for this is pretty easy: stop treating your customers like trash. But hey… “it’s not the end of the world,” right?

Side note: Adding stuff to the game that was advertised to have been in it since release isn’t a content update… Neither is the same skins we already had but with minor colour/shine tweaks, or really cosmetics in general if we’re being honest… Nor is the same levels we’ve always done but now we get credit for doing them a lil differently for challenges. Please cut the bs.


I can already hear the fanboy train.


If FS would start active involving the Community into there ways of thought and taking the Communitys Ideas to notice, i would be totaly fine.

Edit: One Point for FS, no one had thought V2 would be selled over One Million times. Way more then FS could handle.

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What stats were wiped exactly?


He’s talking about the fact that the new challenge aren’t retroactive, a lot of what you done before this patch isn’t taken in account

I’m not gonna discuss here, cause I don’t really care, I’m still havin fun on the game so I don’t mind, but, as an old time GW2 player, I feel like small companies like ArenaNet or Fatshark (two big games in a single universe, and rather small team, I have no real idea but I think ANet is ~100 member, and FS isn’t much different) have really low focus on communication. They have both much more success than their team allow to manage (as @Acrony said, nobody expected VT2 to be sold over one million times), so they both can’t really manage it all :confused:

Whats the dishonest marketing youre talking about?

Take a look at the list of things which were marketed in pre-release and then compare it with the list of things that the game had when it was launched.


They didn’t ignore the customer service discussion, you just weren’t happy with their answer.

Challenge stats were not ‘wiped’ because they weren’t tracking some stats at all.

They’ve come a long way since launch and improvements are still being made, just not super quickly. If you’re not satisfied with that rate of change then take a break, go play another game for a couple weeks or a month or two, Vermintide 2 will still be here.


“It’s not the end of the world” is not an acceptable answer and it’s supremely disrespectful to the time, money, and effort invested by other humans.

Improvements are not being made… the Early Access is moving forward. To improve upon something it would have to be first in the state in which they advertised it. Even in its “progressed” state, it’s still a glitch-fest. FS declaring “content updates” that are pretty much just non-content elements that were advertised as being in the release is disingenuous in the extreme, dishonest marketing, and terrible customer service.

Also, so the argument about challenge stats is that the devs lacked the competence to plan ahead and therefore neglected the progress of its entire playerbase? Not really making it easier to support them. Especially when not even all the challenges that could have been inferred as having been completed based on Steam achievements are taken into consideration. Don’t waste players’ time.

All dev silence is gonna do is drive more people to abstain from supporting them.


I love this game, and thus it pains me so much more that I see devs acting like this. It could be so much better and I want it to be better, but FS apparently doesn’t care… that’s why I am upset, not because the game would be trash, but because the wasted potential.

I think I’ll pass on any paid-dlc-content, untill FS stops treating their customers and the game like garbage. During V1 times, I was really glad to see passionate indie devs, but now it feels like we are slowly moving towards EA (Electronic Arts) lvl of dev crap.


Good thing they didn’t just say that and call it a day.

Balance changes, bug fixes, and new systems aren’t improvements now? Not tracking every stat is just incompetence? :man_shrugging: I guess I’m done here, continue twisting however you like.


They essentially did exactly that, actually. There’s no “content” to the message that doesn’t just rephrase that sentiment without addressing the actual issue: that they think their behaviour is acceptable. No apology. No statement indicating they even appreciate the negative consequence of their actions. Just, “we did the thing you said we did that you’re upset about but it’s not the end of the world” followed by flimsy and easily surmountable excuses as to why they can’t do any of the things people asked them to do to address the issue (things that most other companies do routinely without issue) followed by abupt and continued radio silence.

Oh you mean all that stuff that was supposed to be done when the game was released? Things that were advertised and not delivered? Bugs that existed because the game was released in a state that wasn’t even close to finished? Yeah… Cool. You be done here, then. As much as ignorance is bliss, it doesn’t contribute much to the conversation.

Their behavior is on par with EA’s.


Not even close.




Relative to their size, it’s close enough. This isn’t some massive conglomerate faceless beast, it’s ~100 people. The things that a mega-company does by accident because they’re a mega-company with a bureaucracy that taints everything, they’re choosing to do by design. Eg. Telling customers to pound sand or outright trolling them instead of addressing the issue.

Also, and more importantly, trying to strawman that one comparison doesn’t detract from my actual arguments there. There’s no “new” content or fixes. Even the “new” cosmetics are ones that were shown in the game’s advertising material. Everything is still, months after release just them working on an unfinished title that was advertised as being a minted, polished, finished project and they seem to think treating customers like dumb cattle who are totally cool with false-advertising is acceptable. That isn’t behaviour a conscientious consumer condones or supports.


Were you happier before the patch? If so, its a pretty odd perspective to have. You haven’t lost anything, only gained. Aside from some features and content coming in later than expected, I’m not sure what the problem is.

Did I miss something in the last 12 hours or so that made the game significantly worse?

While seperate from the topic at hand it remains a point that technically not all the things ‘‘added’’ in the patch (or added/fixed elsewhere) were ‘‘gained’’ as some things are advertised to be included only to be later added as though players should be ‘‘excited over it as new content’’ - a sentiment that I can understand even though I am admittedly more patient on the subject - one having more patience than the other doesn’t invalidate certain points however.


I’d argue the premise of your question is flawed. If someone charges you for something and tells you it’s finished, then it turns out it wasn’t even close to finished and still isn’t, can you really describe the sense that it’s very gradually being worked on as “happiness” with the outcome? Now, imagine the same situation but pretend w/e sold you the product tells you “it’s not the end of the world” when you express concern over their mega-blunders… because that’s exactly what happened. No one, anywhere, would tolerate that in any capacity in any other walk of life and people shouldn’t let the wool be pulled over their eyes here. This is not an acceptable industry practice.

The game is further along than before the patch, yes, but it’s still not close to what it was advertised as being. Them advertising the stuff they already said was in the game as new content is, without lack of a better word, scummy.

Relative to the product we paid for, the product we have is still incomplete.


I agree that communication from FS leaves much to be desired.

That said, please keep in mind that the general negative tone of this thread and many others doesn’t really welcome a response. Whether FS falsely advertised their game or not, it does not help to keep making these threads and basically call them liars.

I am not saying you are right or wrong about the state of the game, but the point of this thread should be to ask for a response/statement.

Finetuning after the games launch is improvement.

Making the game somewhat playable after two months is not. That is working on a beta version.