Customer Service, Player Appreciation, and Dishonest Marketing

We all know now, that for the last three months most of their efforts were directed on challenge system, that they had planned since the start. Yes, they did tweaks here and there, they fixed some bugs, but they could have done it 5-10 times faster, finishing challenges when the game isn’t at least in Alpha state.

And even right now after completion of challenge system we don’t know for sure, if they’re finally working on gameplay or making a new DLC.

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cough EAC, cough cough performance

After I am getting waves every 30 seconds or so. They seem to be smaller judging by total kills in the endgame screen, but that’s not accurate, cause all the games I played today me and my team was rushing forward like crazy.

Also broke face spawning, patrols sound and specials, who now cheat 100% of the time with their abilities, especially stormcallers and globadiers. Also after 1.1 I had Assassin jump on me while being mid air and 2 insta jumps after seeing me - all 3 times being host.

For three months i remember only one buff. The rest of the balance were nerfs or buffs so small, they didnt change weapon. And game still has a problem of having too little viable weapons.
Also, tons of bugs not only are repeating from patch to patch, but there were bugs, reported even back from beta
And it took three month to fix green dust problem.
For me it seems that they improve game messured by slime steps

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So, is does boil down to features and content coming in late. This is certainly a problem. That said, though, I certainly got my money’s worth already. I’m glad they are at least adding in the things they planned on as a matter of updates.

I’ve seen too many companies just cut a ton and call it a day. Poop out a $60 game and go on vacation. Sure, they didn’t advertise the features they cut (at least not usually), but you can tell things are missing when you play the game. This is why I generally don’t buy games at launch the days, especially AAA games.

FS didn’t have a perfect launch, rarely does that even happen in general.
They probably could have waited to call it 1.0 a bit longer (like the state the game is in now). It’s good that they are working on it and updating the game before trying to churn out some premium DLC or microtrans.

Maybe I’ve just been working in the games industry too long and my perspective has been changed by that.

Off the top of my head without running back through patch notes: Pickaxe, 2h axe, and 1h axe have all been buffed since release. 2h axe multiple times. Handgun was buffed, particularly to hurt shield stormvermin through block. The damage reduction talent on slayer/zealot was buffed as well. Believe fireball and conflag staffs got buffs (heat related?). Armor penetration was increased on a bunch of elf weapons, dual daggers getting a big damage buff. Shade ult cooldown was reduced.

Software development is slow. It took Hearthstone a year+ to increase deck slots. It’s frustrating to be slow, I get it, which is why I suggested taking a break and coming back to the game in a month+.

Nah, most of the development the past 3 months has been on bug fixes and additional features in parallel. You have from release to April 15th where it’s just balance patches (1.0.0 to 1.0.8, ~2months), and things happening in the background like new maps, new systems (dust converter), mod support, system for white listing mods, dedicated server work, etc.

People expect a lot of software devs, and honestly it takes way longer than you’d expect. Especially for a game like Vermintide 2 where you can’t automate testing.


So basically no stats were wiped because they didn’t exist in the first place? In other words you are talking pure crap for the sake of it? As for their “incompetence” - they added new stuff and that somehow is marketing scam, dishonesty and what have you? Where were the marketing claims about the challenge system that were lies? Or any mention of the frames or recolored armor sets? And that should somehow prevent me from “trusting” them? With what exactly - adding new stuff not planned from the get-go?

You generalize aplenty with absolutely nothing concrete and simply brainfart away.

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There would be plenty of examples of what they’ve not delivered based on mis selling if fatshark hadn’t shamelessly removed the roadmap from their website promptly going silent about it and now dressing up those unfulfilled promises as “new content”.


You realize it isn’t “new” when it’s stiff that was advertised, right? Or if it was added to fix things that were broken? This is super simple stuff.

As for your not wanting to hold the company accountable for the stats issue, maybe they should have planned ahead instead of telling all of the players they didn’t think to track basic stats for a feature that should have been in the launch? Again, not rocket science.


That would be dedicated servers which absolutely was promised for release and then got “postponed” seemingly indefinitely. Other than that - what was lied about exactly? Since there were apparently “plenty” of examples.

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Dunno, they deleted it and I can’t remember / am not willing to waste my life searching for it.

Obviously there’s items on there that now make them look bad enough for them to want to delete it.

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Go read the promo material, watch the vids, and make the list for yourself. There’s plenty, and it’s not hard to check, even advise from the basic glitchfest aspect.

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Where were these Okri challenges advertised at release - do link to them please.

And what stat issues? What stats were “wiped” exactly?

You do understand that either the stats were collected and thus “wiped” or they didn’t plan ahead and didn’t collect them as to be able to wipe them in the first place - you can’t have it both ways, which basically means you are blowing hot air out of your behind here…

I did read the promo materials, watched their streams and was in the beta - thus my claims that you are basically talking out of your arse.

And the game does still have stupid bugs but it FAR removed from being a glitchfest. I can play it perfectly fine right as it is.

I love how your defense of the professional developers is that it’s ok they didn’t plan ahead for a very serious feature that’s supposed to mirror a fundamental element from the original.

Look… I’m happy for you they can take a dump in your mouth and tell you it’s pudding, but not everyone has their head so far in the clouds.

P.S. For another concrete example of how fubar this is, we can’t even play the game right now… At all… Due to permanent backend errors… For a game that doesn’t even have the dedicated servers it was supposed to. But hey, keep rabbit’s cuz “it’s not the end of the world.”


I love how you are too stupid to understand that EITHER there were stats and they got wiped OR the stats were NOT THERE because Fatshark didn’t plan ahead as to collect them. You claim both were the case, simultaneously. Which is stupid - it’s either/or.

You are also YET to link to the supposed marketing lies either. Because, you know, you can’t?

Then you weren’t paying attention because most of their major “look at this cool feature” features were and still are absent. The killing part being fun (when it works) doesn’t mean they get to let the rest of the game be an unfinished unpolished mess and reasons to honest, well founded criticism the way they have.

Oh, you’re right, sorry, them releasing an unfinished title then a few months later implementing a feature that should have existed since the planning process, that uses cosmetics from the promo material, and that requires stats they didn’t think to track is a totally normal, acceptable, and professional occurrence.

I’m not linking to it because you’re a troll and the examples are common knowledge. E.g… Unfinished keep/decorations. E.g. Cosmetics that are present in the trailer that are withheld and then used in the challenge system (but hey, still totally cool they didn’t think to pre-store stats, amirite?). Eg. The fact there are multiple recurring gamebreaking bugs the likes of which are totally unacceptable and not even present in actual early access games.

Remove your cranium from your posterior and it’s easier to see basic, common sense things like the fact that WE CAN’T EVEN PLAY THE GAME RIGHT NOW DUE TO BACKEND ERRORS. Literally. Can’t even login.

Fanboy harder! Totally fixes the literally gamebreaking bugs that are making your argument look ridiculous.


The chat between a few mates and me just now when 1110 occurred was that none of us would’ve actually minded all of this so much if it were released in early-access because it feels like it still is ^^;


Yeah, you can’t link to ANYTHING because… reasons…

Also, seems you have now completely dropped the brainfarts in regards to the “wiping” of stats that didn’t exist as to be “wipeable”… Funny…

Fun fact for you - the cosmetics in the trailer are Vermintide 1 hats.

Same. If it was early access and/or there was any accountability from FS I’d be infinitely supportive of them. Right now, it’s become impossible for me to not get this sense that they don’t care in the least about their customers.