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hello, lately I’m really sad while playing one of my favorite games. feels very neglected lately (both the game and the community) it’s nice to get some entry in the loner’s journal from time to time. but it would be nice if the game worked as it should. so I have some questions:

  1. when bugs on CW marked as “#NAME” were fixed
    2, when many bugs with invisibility abilities are fixed (such as Shade’s invisible second invisibility with a single attack and a dual weapon, or when opponents are still attacking the player in stealth)
    3 last bat not list can I ask when the new sienna will come out?
    I have felt leggie neglect of 2 vermin since I started working on tarktide
    I already have almost 2k hours in this game and I really enjoyed the game most of the time, despite some minor mistakes, such as sudden death after passing through the portal or the Assassin sliding on the wall or floor … but that’s what’s happening now. it is terrible
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They are full steam trying not to be the next cyberpunk, but i could be wrong there could be a big chunk of content coming to vermin of the tide 2 but realistically speaking, its just sienna and its going to take longer than usual.

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While that’s an accurate representation of the current situation, I just don’t think it’s nearly good enough to not even finish cleaning up major issues introduced by the last patch before disappearing for some ungodly amount of time.

It’s not like this hasn’t been a repeating pattern since before Dark Tide was in the works. Unfortunately makes the legitimate excuse of finalising Dark Tide much hollower than it ought to be since it’s just expected poor patch follow up, absolutely depressingly predictable.

CW double-proccing uppercut bug that hits through gromril and kills unkillable zealots was reported here before the devs even had any thoughts about Darktide. Hell, it was reported even before they invented and then abandoned Versus that was supposed to draw dev efgort (when is it out btw?). How many man-hours do you think that single bug takes to get fixed? Darktide is not the problem, it’s a lame excuse at best.

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Darktide is going to be the focus until launch and probably for few months after that to make sure the game works.
After that I’m honestly expecting siennas career and 1 major patch to hit at most before vermintide is left as it is.

sienna to taki dodatek tylko dla mnie naj mniej bolący
ale błędy typu #NAME? no prosze to juz jest od 2 miesięcy

abandoning versus is quite understandable for me (although I would love it), I believe that it would be difficult to balance. this is not an l4d mill. I remember once I put a post about the problem of lvlling friends. and in response I got that: they know about such a problem and are working on it but in a slightly different way (this is how CW was created)

It was clear for everyone who can play the game that Versus in VT2 was unbalanceable. Therefore it should have been obvious for the developers too. It didn’t prevent them from announcing their work on versus that gave everyone a clear signal that the workload will be stretched even thinner. Now it is also an obvious signal that the developers cannot deliver on their own hyped-up promises.


Sorry i don’t speak beltalowda

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have you offended me and yourself? xD

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