Well i’m quite pissed off.
I absolutely can’t find games.
I’ve been waiting four hours, days, while i was doing something else on my second screen.
I’ve found a grand total of 4 games in countless hours.
I tried the forums , variously coloured “moon inn” discords, they’re both basically deserted and empty.
In ranked you don’t have bots.
It’s unfarmable alone.
I bought the DLC. i feel like i should get value from something i bought, yet i did it a while back so i can’t get refunded, even though i had never tried it.
Steam won’t refund me, but this is so ridiculous Fatshark actually should. They won’t but theysure as hell Fking should.

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I do not have any statistics/charts to support upcoming claim but many if not most V2 players do not have premade groups and even less groups went for buying WoM DLC (because obviously Weaves are not meant to be played solo).

By buying WoM you got other things in the package - map, weapons, Beastmen, difficulty and by the refund policy you had 2 hours to try it out and decide if it meets your expectations or not.

Since the WoM beta there was a controversy about the contents of the DLC, Weaves were its core feature but they didn’t get well received among the players (also due to an amount of bugs and design problems not solved since the beta). Sh*t happens but you can’t really expect the refund right now if you didn’t make your mind back when you bought it.

Weave Quickplay is pretty hopping on Xbox – you’ll likely get a match more often than not on the lower difficulties. Move up from Recruit though, and your chances of finding someone get exponentially smaller.

As I feel Weave Ranked is designed with pre-made groups in mind, I’ve never attempted to get a pickup group for it.