Shyish weaves are overtuned

Shyish weaves made my friends hate weaves because they’re a literal wall on progression and 63 made them uninstall. Pls nerf. On another note the consistency between weave difficulty is bad in general because weave say 40 can be 3x harder than say 44.

I did with my group 60-65 and 65 just 10 minutes ago we won the last of the death ones.
It is so horrible. I think on 63 we spent 5-6 hours to finally complete it with 1 minute left.
64 we had 15 seconds left. 65 was way easier.
I dont know how to balance it. Maybe make the ghosts static or let them live shorter.
Especially in 63 the enemy composition is horrible and the 15 minute timer nearly kills you.

God I hate arbitrary timers in gameplay. The reason given in-game actually makes sense from a lore perspective, but gameplay should really take precedence.

They definitely should get rid of the time limit during weaves but maybe still have a timer there just for score bonuses.


A friend of mine suggested that orbs from enemies you killed are a different color such as purple so you can more easily tell which you can and can’t walk through. A shorter lifespan and a slight damage reduction on them would also help a bit.

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