Late game weave feedback (100+)

The way difficulty scales in the later weaves (starting around 100) makes the game very unfun. Pretty much everything in the game one shots you, and when combined with the backstab sounds that sometimes don’t work, it can get annoying.
On weave 160 enemies have 10 times the damage, but even on weave 103 slave rats one shot you while in a horde, a single ratling bullet kills you and an assassin pounce is guaranteed to instakill you. A couple of slave rat hits can kill a downed player. It makes you play extremely passive, only using your ranged weapons and having to cheese the game by triggering spawns then moving back to a better position.
Also, the damage buff doesn’t apply to some enemies, but it’s probably for the better (warpfires, gas rats, archers).
There should be a better way to make the game harder other than being unable to make any mistakes and having to rely on cheesy builds and never using your melee weapon. Only a few groups of players so far have been able to get past the death weave (100-105) without cheating, and all of them had a bad experience throughout. Weave 103 is a notorious gatekeeper.
I suggest that if you want to scale the enemy’s damage, do it for weaves 120-160, which don’t award any achievements / unlockables for beating them and are purely for getting higher in the leaderboards.


Once again I’d love it if FS introduced new variants on existing enemies you only encounter at higher difficulties, like a CW armed with a 1h axe and shield, and/or added new moves to existing enemies.

In weaves it’s be the perfect opportunity to make them thematic too, on fire weaves they could give elite enemies burning weapons that tick a little fire damage so sustain is harder.

Instead of merely making them OHK you.


The easiest way to implement this would just be recolored enemies with “auras”. Imagine a blue “Ice Troll” who has a slowing aura, or a Plague Monk with a Poison aura, or a curse aura - and these don’t have to be active all the time. They could re-use an existing animation with obvious magical effects around them as a warning, so players can know to step back.

Another option would just be finalizing and implementing some of the unfinished enemies in the code, like plague zombies, tentacle sorcerers, snot sorcerers, and Stormvermin Commanders. Don’t even make Tentacle Sorcerers be disablers; they could just spawn a tentacle that attacks and we have to either avoid it or kill it.


I just cleared weave 100. For the love of sigmar, one shot kill from wave mobs should not be happened…

3 Likes @SpaceJellyKing watch better the damage scaling, is insane.
From 101 is 200% dmg, than something like +30% every weave, over 120 is 1000% dmg


Holly sigmar! thank you for infomation!
But these chaotic knowledge makes me despair…
1000% is too insane…


Honestly, If they want to stick enemy damage scales like +30% every weave, getting 120 portrait is actually almost truly hard even to veteran player and impossible to most player base.

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Dear lord those values are absolutely insane …

Yeah, but that’s great news for the one guy enjoying the Weaves

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I think only a few top players can go over 120 weaves and with a lot of tries for sure.

When the dmg is 1000% a slaverats oneshot you.

Is masochistic and frustrating, not fun.


I don’t think anyone can do it without abusing safespots ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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I’m appreciative that you’re taking one for the team on that end. That sounds thoroughly unenjoyable. I have always despised endless stat scaling in games. It’s what made things like Call of Duty Nazi Zombies good and terrible at the same time. The zombies got more health with each level to the point that they were like demi-gods. They took forever to kill and consequently killed the enjoyment.


I think 81-120 portrait should be lower to 81-100 if enemy’s damage is upping 30% each weave.

Or… make same cataclysm tier weave has same enemy damage

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Just cleared 106. Right now, most enemy including trash mobs will kill you by one hit no matter how many enemy is targeting you.
Basically, any one hit will let you down and likely you will die after 1~2 hit.
Very Unfun
Also, ungor archer’s arrow deals 30… truly annoying, no fun and very unpleasant…
I felt like Fatshark did this because they couldn’t stand player’s saying : game is too easy
so they made weave one hit kill…
what’s the point of WOM makes it expansion if weave is unaccesible to lots of playerbase?

Please, make enemy damage same on same cataclysm tier


Im not fan of one shot politics as well… not even on high difficulty, im conviced that FS can keep their game hard without one shot politics.

Why? Answer is simple, even if you are best blocker and dodger in the world, some Lag hits will happen from time to time, its online game, thats why one shot policy not fit in V2. Let us take some hits, but buff enemies by other way. Also this one shot policy not fit in concept when enemies love to spawn near players, in WoM i got dozens of situation when i do 360 degree scout, see no enemies then 0.5 sec later i get deadly hit from direction i just checked.

Like @SqueakCheesetaker said, I think is better start the dmg scaling from 121+ weaves, just for leaderboards


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