How to improve weaves

So I have to admit I have kind of a love/hate relationship with weaves. They can be alot of fun but also extremely tedious most of the time. So these are my two pennys worth of opinion on how to improve weaves, as I think it could easily be a way better experience.

As some of you might know alot of weaves give you a handicap to deal with. Like more and heavier armoured enemys in metal, fire dots if enemys hit you etc. But most weaves also give you a small buff to compensate for and to change up gameplay a bit. So whats the problem? Well not all weaves give you a buff to work with and just penalize you, the worst being grey (inv. enemys that take almost no dmg from ranged) and death (orbs on death that turn green hp in grey). Life and beasts also dont give you any advantage to work with.

How to fix this and make all winds feel like a fair and fun experience? Well I would suggest the following:
Life - gives you a very slow hp regen (was like this in beta, maybe make it very slow like 1/2 or even 1/4 of natural bond)
Death - Slower degrading of temp HP ( maybe make it a buff that procs when getting hit by an orb that lasts for x amount of seconds, maybe 30sec or so)
Beast - Gives you stamina regen or +1 Stamina while in range of a totem, alternatively maybe movement speed
Grey - just like the enemys you also get less damage from ranged attacks (Archers, Ratlingguns)

Also another issue especially on higher weaves is the timer. It forces all weaves to be rushed as there is not enough time to actually kill everything in the weave, which results in team comp. that use a Handmaiden and Battlewizard in most of the weaves. Why not make more compositions worth while? Let us have fun with more variety by simply making the timer only effect leaderboards. So this would mean that the players that want to get on the top of the scoreboard still can try to do the weaves as fast as possible while the majority can play as they prefer and actually fight through a level instead of running past it.

Now these are simple changes that would improve the weaves. Although i would like to throw in a more complex revamp. Why not shorten the weave list up by combining several weaves into one level? Wouldnt it be way cooler to pass through several winds in one level? So you fight in a part of against the grain in heavens for example pass a portal and boom everything is burning, you just passed into the fire wind on fort brachsenbr├╝cke and after that you get into the death wind on a different level. By combining 3-4 winds you would reach a level length that is like the normal levels but they combine diffent maps and multiple winds to make a entirely different experience.

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