"Weave Expeditions" achievements are not counting

Dear Support,

I have completed the ranked weaves up to #19 (Gold, Chamon), and therefore left behind the Bright, Amber and Light weaves.
However, according to the achievements in Weave Expeditions section, I only got Jade and Gold weaves behind me. The achievement to completing 5 first Amber weaves stopped at 3/5 and is not counting any further.
I expect to have achievements for first 5 Bright, Amber and Light weaves, along with the rewards for them, and progress 3/5 for Gold weaves.

It seems you have already played weaves before Season 3 (?) as you have the Jade achievement unlocked. The Jade (green) wind is the fifth wind this season starting with weave 21 but has been the first wind in Season 1 (can’t remember its placement in Season 2).

Did you do all of the first 19 weaves this season or did you ‘get back to it’? Independent of the order of the winds, the progression of the first 40 weaves is saved over seasons to give advanced players a headstart. This can create weird completion statuses, I assume. You might have lost track of your actual progression (which is because of cryptic UI design and not your fault).

I suggest making your own completion list (like, a real list) and complete the respective weaves again. Just to be sure.

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Hi kuli,
Thanks for your input! I have “returned” to complete weave 13. I did all 1-12 a year ago, and finished 13-18 yesterday. I was expecting Amber weaves achievement to get counted, but it did not happen.
I’ll try to redo the weaves 11, 12 (other 2 Amber which I did not do yet this season) this evening and I will post here if anything changes.
But there’s one thing I would like to get confirmed - are the ranked weaves the right way to get those achievements I’m posting here? The idea of quick weaves is a bit confusing me in a way whether they will be counted for any achievements that don’t contain the word “quick” in them.
Much appreciated!

Playing ranked weaves (aka the way they were arguably meant to be played) will definitely unlock all weaves achievements - with the obvious exception being those concerning quickplay weaves.

So I went for the remainder of the Amber weaves once again and, guess what, it counted. Guess all those weaves made in the past were somehow not counted as done for the achievements, as you suggested.
Thank you. It’s still a bug IMHO but at least there’s a workaround. Which involves redoing all of them again, which is bearable for me as I didn’t do many of them in the first place, but thinking of players who were past 100 ranked weaves in the past… uh-oh =)

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