Weaves not counting toward season 4 achievement

Hello me and my friend noticed this bug: we cleared ranked weaves up to 22 in duo but the achievement for the season 4 portrait does not progress:

I think this is a bug or at least on friendly discord they suggested me to post it as a bug.

If you have completed those 21 weaves some time before the start of Season 4 they don’t count for the current seasonal iteration. Players keep progress for the first 40 weaves between seasons to give advanved players a head-start. This is why you have those already unlocked. The achievement progress, however, gets locked, or rather, reset with each season. So you have to beat all those 21 weaves again this season in order to get the respective seasonal rewards.

But we did some of them today and yet they still not count

EDIT: Some people on a discord server helped me. Apparently i did the first weave before the season reset so basically i had to redo it and the progress for all the others appeared.
They should add a way to track those you did before the season tho it’s really confusing

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