Weaves progress got reset

Edited because apparently no one understood my issue.

1.) My friend Tim and I have not played any weaves during season 1 as we did not own Winds of Magic.

2.) Tim and I bought Winds of Magic AFTER season 2 started.

3.) We started the ranked weaves together on the first Saturday of March and completed weaves 1-14 as a duo obtaining the blue and amethyst frames.

4.) Our friend Gerry who recently bought Winds of Magic asked for help for completing the lower weaves we had already completed.

5.) We all three completed weaves 1-11

6.) When Tim and I tried to go back to complete weave 15 as a duo, the highest completed weave was knocked back down to weave 11 thus forcing us to complete weave 12 again.

7.) Neither Tim and I have completed any of the QuickPlay weaves.

I hope this version clears up any confusion. I have the first 2 frames and we were only one away from completing the light weaves for another frame.

Our progress got reset when we went back to redo the weaves that our 3rd friend needed.

No crashes occurred during any of our weave games.

Tim played as WHC
I was Mercenary
When we invited Gerry he was WS

Did you complete them during season 1? If so, then yes, they got reset when season 2 launched.

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I didn’t own winds of magic during season 1 and completed these 14 weaves 2 weeks ago…

Ok let me rephrase it so i’m sure i am not understanding it wrong.

So you did ranked weaves 1-14, Then a friend asked for help and you and your 1-14 friend went and did 1-11 with him, and now you cannot start weave 15 on ranked weaves? Is that correct?

If you didnt do those 14 weaves in ranked then they dont count towards your ranked progression, That might be the only thing i can think off.

Or did you crash during one of those 14 weaves you played? it might be that it didnt count for you and only for your friend.

^This. One other thing that happened to a me and my friends was that we accidentally forgot one because i did that in season 1 (like 23 i think), we did 22 and the next shown for next ranked was 24 and no one noticed we skipped it. Only a couple weave matches later while checking progress we saw my mistake and played 23, after that progress was right where it should’ve been. So advice is play 11, you might have accidentally skipped it, maybe under other circumstances though.

Where do you are that your completed weaves are set on 11?

If you are are looking leaderboard book, it’s simple. You reached weave 14 as trio but you reached only weave 11 as group of four player. There are different leadboard (solo, duo, trio, quartet)… You can switch them.

That is correct. I no longer have access to weave 15 even though I did complete the first 14 ranked weaves. It restarted when I went back from 1-11 to help a friend. My original progress was not saved.

To the guy above, I did not skip any weaves. My friend and I completed the first 14 ranked weaves in order but after we helped our 3rd friend, we got knocked back down to weave 11 for completion. I have the amethyst frame for completing all of the amethyst weaves. Because I went back and redid the first 11 weaves, I completed an okri’s challenge award for completing 25 weaves (11+14).

I’m telling you I know how to check my weave progress. I have never looked at the leaderboards which is the far most left interactable board. When I pull up my ranked weaves it shows the wrong completed weave at the top of the screen even though I had already previously completed the first 14 weaves IN ORDER.

I have no idea what could of happend, hope a dev can figure it out for you.

Yeah me too. Only problem is that if this is a bug, it’s not going to be fixed til after the season ends. I might as well not play any more weaves until the next season because I’ll just get mad AF if my progress got reset again just by going back and helping other people.

Could you PM me yours and Tim’s Steam profile URLs, please?

I’ll have to get Tim to send you his steam url because my computer died a few days ago due to faulty wiring that I was unaware of existing in my house.

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