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I wasn’t sure if this was best for technical support or bug reports, but weave 64 for Xbox has been broken for quite a while in season 4. My group and I are trying to get the achievement for completing weaves 1-80 and obviously can’t with 64 not working. I saw a patch was released a couple of weeks ago to fix this on PS4. Is there hope for this on Xbox? It’s our last achievement and it will be frustrating to get our progress set back to weave 41 whenever the new season starts.

I appreciate it’s been a long time :frowning: It’s my understanding this will be patched in early June. I will see what other options we have.

Thank you for the prompt reply. Do you have any insight yet as to when season 5 of weaves will start? Just wondering how hard we might have to push to get to 80 before we get reset.

It’s my understanding you will have plenty of time to complete it once the patch is shipped, as we’re wary people will be seriously upset otherwise!

Thank you again!

Does this go for PC users as well?
Do we have an approximate date on when the new Weave season will start?

This is not applicable to PC - I don’t believe there’s any confirmed decision on when the new season will start, but we’ll provide you with plenty of notice

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Awesome, thanks Julia :slight_smile:

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