Weave 64/65 Xbox

Weave 64 on Xbox has been broken for weeks for season 4 and crashes the instant you pick up the barrel at the start of the map. This was acknowledged 18 days ago that it’s being fixed sometime in June for Xbox in the next patch. I’m just adding some new found information below.

Unlocked Weave 65 last night through sheer number of attempts and Weave 65 also crashes the instant you start the main objective (stand in the fracture point). In both instances the host crashes the instant the bell sound is played when activating the main objective. I think it’s specifically the cataclysm 2 bell script that triggers the crash and this would affect a lot more weaves than just 64 & 65.

Just more info on the crashes since consoles do not produce relevant bug logs.

Thank you Eski, I believe it’s already “resolved” internally, all we need now is to put it live in a patch!

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