Please make Weave Season 1 achievements available

While browsing the weave achievements, i’ve noticed that the standard set providing commendation chests – Complete X weaves with each different character – are all locked behind season 1. Can those be moved to always be available? It would be a big encouragement for those of us coming later to Winds of Magic to participate in the weaves.


In fact, I bought this sick DLC over a year ago. And in this first season, I did almost nothing - I was sure that this was some kind of mistake, these Weaves are so bad, and will be fixed in the very near future.

The most obvious thing I thought was that the Fatsharks should add bots to the Яanked Weaves. As a solo player, I’m not comfortable playing with real people.

None of this happened, the first season ended and everything was blocked. Nobody told me to hurry up and do these stupid challenges ASAP!

On the contrary, if they were open, for the past 4 seasons they would have become themselves.

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Tbh I don’t see any real changes happening to Weaves since Fatshark has a new baby: Darktide.

The only real changes that has happened recently is the different way of reshuffling the different maps and the 160 Weave frame.

Unfortunately, it’s as dead as the Weekly Event and Heroic Deeds :cry:

Let’s just hope Darktide doesn’t end up in the same sinking ship V2 is in now. I love the different game modes but it’s not fun when they are not open to everyone and/or you have no one to play them with.

It’s been over a year, I’ve given up hope on Weaves getting fixed. I’m taking it as Fatshark doesn’t see a problem with them therefore doesn’t need fixing.

I hate to say this but I don’t think V2 belongs to us “regular joes” anymore. I think it belongs to the streamers now. At least that’s what it feels like that the game is being designed for them.

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I support that idea.

If there were bots in Ranked Weaves and removed the damn timer, I could do something, somehow experiment.

And so I’m stuck on 52 Weaves, but I don’t want to waste time and nerves looking for help.

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I would like to have bots in Ranked Weaves as well. This isn’t Left 4 Dead or Borderlands, we don’t have 10k+ players to find groups for Weaves. Hell, it’s easier to find people for Digistruct Peak than it is for Weaves and Borderlands 2 is 8 years old.

The higher you go in Weaves by yourself or with 1 other person, the harder it is to find people at your level to continue.

I would take a lower overall score just to have bots in Ranked Weaves. What’s going to happen in the future when V2 loses support? I would like to experience all of the Weaves but even now it’s almost near impossible. The average player is uninterested in that game mode and the people who do play it only play it with their group of friends. That leaves out 95% of everyone out of a game mode that’s behind a DLC of $20 USD.

Most people don’t care about the leaderboards so there should be no reason as to why we can’t have bots in Ranked Weaves. Bots are bad anyways so it’s not like we’re getting an advantage over those 1% of players with premade groups cheesing TF out of high end Weaves.


First of all, I support the challenge changes for season 1 aswell, there is no reason to lock them. There is no limited frame or anything, just chests and for 1 season they are just way to much time consuming.

About the bots… they won’t get you anywhere in ranked weaves. Just start Cata QP and try to solo it, and then think about Cata 2 and Cata 3 weaves… Bots need to be super overtuned or actually ‘smart’ to survive longer then 2 minutes on higher difficulties.

I mean, they were challenges in season 1. Season 1 has long been over.
What they need to do is remove them from the UI, theres no point in them being there if you cant earn them.

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I’ll repeat my reasons why challenges should be reopened:

  1. It was physically impossible to me do all of this in Season 1. At least uninteresting, in a raw, unprocessed game mode. “40 Waves for every career”?! Hah!

  2. These challenges would have been completed themselves if they had been open for over a year. It was not wise to block them.

  3. There are no unique rewards like Event / Seasons Frames. Is it a pity to give out a few extra lootboxes?

  4. I don’t have a lot of challenges left to do as solo.

  5. I just want to make a challenge “Kill the monster with Azyr’s lightning” just for fun. I like this Easter Egg very much - because I love very much what it hints at.

1: Many of us Including me got all the season 1 achievements during season 1. 600 Weave games during season 1 was 30 hours of playing.

2: If you think fatshark are going to open up season 1 achievements again by going through all that terrible coding they use, think again.

This topic was discussed back when Season 2 began and people realised Season 1 challenges couldn’t be progressed on any more. Here are some relevant threads, as well as my arguments as to why these challenges shouldn’t be made available again.

Here’s an argument further in favor of allowing them: It’s standard for games to have achievements for doing X things with the Y classes in the game, and “Those were the only rewards available” doesn’t change that all the standard achievements are now locked for no apparent reason and there’s almost none available for the entire expansion mode.

Certainly, keep those achievements for season 1 people and add copies of them instead so that people who did them in season 1 will also get the new rewards. That’s fine. But saying that season 1 would lose its only unique achievements doesn’t excuse how people playing in later seasons have no commendation chest awards available for playing different classes in the different weaves.

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People playing in Season 1 did not get any frames as rewards specifically for completing Season 1, so I do not see why later seasons not having commendation chest rewards would be inexcusable. Exclusive rewards such as frames are much more desirable than Commendation Chests that you can get just by leveling up, so I do not feel that there being no challenges that give Commendation Chests is something negative.

If this is about adding more content for weave players, then there is no reason to make the Season 1 tab become available again. It would be better to ask for more minor challenges each Season, or ask for more challenges to be added to the general tab. So yeah, copying the S1 challenges over to the general tab would work. It would add more content, without invalidating the achievements done during Season 1.

Personally I’d rather they add new ones instead of just copying the same from Season 1 though.

People playing in Season 1 did not get any frames as rewards specifically for completing Season 1, so I do not see why later seasons not having commendation chest rewards would be inexcusable.

It’s not the later seasons not having commendation chests that I feel is inexcusable, it’s the game mode as a whole not having them generally available. The base game has commendation chests for all kinds of different accomplishments – knocking leaping enemies out of the air, levelling each character, doing different missions.

The weaves have… one commendation chest every 5 weaves of any type completed. It’s completely missing the entire set of “Do X unique thing in the expansion content” that I would expect. The season 1 challenges look like all of those missing achievements, which is why I focused on them initially, but I don’t specifically want those – I want what they represent to be available for the mode to provide more goals to playing it.

Personally I find the desire to unlock the limited time stuff enough motivation to participate in weaves. But I suppose not everyone has time or other reasons to go for those each season. So it wouldn’t be a bad thing for those to have another goal to work towards when it comes to weaves.

So while I am against making the Season 1 tab challenges available, I would not mind having more weave challenges in general. Though I would prefer those challenges to be interesting like the “kill a monster with only lightning”, and not “complete 40 weaves with all classes” for a total of 600 weaves. Those were awful, and everyone I know speeded through weave 1 or sniped recruit weaves from the lobby.

Did you consider that the reason everyone sped through grinding the “Complete 40 with X” achievements was specifically because they were time limited?

That is a fair point. While we could only assume that they were time limited (since there wasn’t any way to know for sure), I imagine many considered it a possibility and sped through them because of it.

I myself left nothing to chance and completed as much as I could during Season 1, to avoid me losing out on limited-time stuff. Completed 160, got high rankings in all categories, maxed out all weapons and classes, and did all Okri’s Challenges.

But even if the “complete 40 missions with x class” were added to the general tab now, and we knew they weren’t time-limited, I would still choose to speedrun them. The main problem with these kind of challenges is that they rely on the gamemode actually being fun. With all the current problems weaves have (High Ranked Weaves Gameplay Feedback (120-160)), as well as the fact that weaves are static and have very low incentive reward-wise (outside of ranked), I don’t think these kind of challenges would be a good addition to weaves.

No, I am not. I started doing these challenges more than a year ago, but I could not suggest such stupidity that I need to hurry. All this looked like a groundwork for a long life for WoM, on the contrary, I was sure that Waeves would сontinue develop and improve. And of course it didn’t happen.

The feeling that I was deceived does not leave me all time.
They should have been alerted to the timing of the completion of the availability of these challenges. And not in small font deep in the forum in the middle of a useless message.
I needed a timer right in the game (like quests) showing how much time is left.

This is the only way it could be honest, and I would also make an effort to do these challenges.

Moreover, in general I am against all these “time-limited” event’s reward. I didn’t pay for that, and besides, I am always for so that everyone could enjoy the game without exception.

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What’s very weird, is that it looks like the “general achievements” and “season 1” achievs could have been swapped easily. As the grindy challenges would have been not time limited.

But yeah, the fact that it still appears as it was completable is confusing for a lot of new players (we did even get a bug report last season).

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Sorry to hear that you did not consider that they might be time-limited. I agree that these kind of time-limited rewards should be better specified. Fatshark hasn’t been all that great when it comes to announcing such things. For example:

  1. The “Eternal Serpent” Frame was originally released through the first Warhammer Fest. There was no mention anywhere that people attending would get such a frame.
  2. The “Crown of Purity” wasn’t specifically labelled as something that was time-limited. Hedge did confirm it when asked though.
  3. The Season 1 weave challenges. Nowhere was it written that these challenges would be only available for Season 1.
  4. The shark hats during the second anniversary event. They weren’t listed as rewards in the event tab under quests. You got them when you completed any mission.
  5. The WoM beta frame. Fatshark never revealed that people participating in the beta would get a frame.
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