Season 1 weave challenges

They are listed but you can’t progress them anyway, grey it out or something.

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I would vote for “make them progressable” again. A lot of them are long goals, so why not. And thoses who missed the 1st season will also be able to acces them, which is great.



Yup, especially since they only give a commendation chest. I may understand that you do not want to keep them open endlessy. But right now they are not really tied to something which can only be done in a specific season.

Alternatively, you may bring most or at least some of them over to the general WoM tab (like every play 40 games one which has been to much for one season anyway).

Not sure though how it would work with the complete Weaves x to y which are halfway specific.

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Probably not a popular opinion, but here goes.

Those Okri’s Challenges were the only season 1 exclusive rewards. All the portraits released during season 1 are in the general WoM tab, the leaderboard rankings got deleted, rewards for being high up on the leaderboard got scrapped, and the weave progress got reset (except for weave 1-40, which you have to play regardless in order to get that 1-40 portrait).

Take those Okri’s Challenges away, and season 1 would have been completely pointless in terms of rewards. You might as well have not played during season 1 and waited until season 2. This would be pretty unfair for those who actually played during that season, especially considering how difficult season 1 was compared to season 2.

And since seasonal Okri’s Challenges do not show up on the summary screen in the book, you can still have it say 100% completion even if you did not do any of those challenges.

But there should be some kind of indicator to show that you cannot complete those challenges, to avoid confusion.


I agree 100%


It took you this long to figure that out? :laughing:

Personally, I hate time-gated content. I think the challenges should never become locked.


First, I have to precise that I did season 1 until 120. So I have the “120 frame”. So I’m not asking this for me, but for others players.

Now what we want is Winds of Magic to be alive, and finding players in it during all futures seasons.

As a completist, I’m also strongly against exclusives of some sort. New completists players will want to have a way to get it (but we’re okay, they have to work for it).
The communication at that time did seems to indicate that they would move away from thoses seasons specifics frames (actually can’t find back the exact quote, but it was probably a misunderstanding of several players there that did think they were changing their mind on that part).

But you’re right, there will probably a need to do something to season 1 players that knew “Hell” (let’s call it like that for the 110+ weaves :p). Even if, technically, we stay exclusively in the S1 Leaderboard.

So here are some options to please both worlds (the completists, and thoses that do not care but want something to make their hard work not pointless) :

  • Remove the Season 1 tab and put the frame in Lohner’s shop at a really high shilling price. => Don’t show “uncompletable” challenge that looks still doable, doesn’t confuse player, and make the frame available to completists.
  • Make Cycling Seasons so Season 1 rewards and challenges come back after a while. (probably less hard though, as there’s no as much cheeses spots and a less strong BW) => Aka the current Diablo way. Completists will have to wait, but they’ll be able to get it.
  • Make Season 1 progressable again, and gives a “completion bonus” reward to thoses who did the hardest challenges in Season 1 (the frame). Probably Shillings.

I prefer the third option, especially because it’s a “positive” first option (everyone gets a reward, as opposed to the absent get just a thing to grind forever).
Second option could also be done, but I’m not sure the wait worth it.

Season 1 means Season 1… in what world can anybody be asking for getting S1 rewards as bonus in S2, especially when S1 was much harder, that’s just ridiculous. I agree there should be indicator that those are unavailable at this point.

It was pretty obvious that S1 rewards are S1 rewards, since it’s in Season 1 tab and S2 was coming.

There is no “working for it” for things of past. This is how seasons work, that is the whole point, you play during the season and try to complete the challenges because those are limited.

Btw, I’ve never seen single post in POE reddit about people asking for previous league rewards, that’s like “Wtf dude?”

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PoE started with seasons in mind. Not vermintide. Vermintide does not catter the same people than PoE. So it’s non argument there. Especially since diablo actually cycled back their rewards for thoses who missed them.
It will make the whole mode more attractive to get more rewards than less.

what frame? Season 1 was only chests

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Nope. There were 3 purple frames for your road 1-120.

If you are a completionist you will have no trouble getting that frame in a season. So this has nothing to do with completionist, this is about the casual player wanting to give them more time. Also i remember you saying 120 was too long for people with jobs and still you did it with random players and a job :o.

I agree with @haiken, if they make it so season 1 achievements can still be completed, just get rid of the entire season thing as a whole, seasons don’t give anything new except rewards, if you make it available to every season, what’s the point? Might aswell make a season take a year then.

I would only agree with this if it’s very high, like example, 2 months worth of weeklies or even more.

Players not playing weaves isn’t because they can’t get a frame anymore from couple seasons back, just make a frame every new season, so the players could still play for their frame and the completionist players will play the content once it comes out.

Maybe the season 1 frames are just obtainable now for every season and maybe the season 2 frame won’t be for the next, who knows

Yeah but they werent season 1 subcategory but weaves like FoW challenge is missions and not in back to uberseik category

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Yea ur right, thats why we are not sure if the s2 frames will also be available next season, because they are in a season specific tab, unlike the purple ones.

Well, if you come now, no you can’t get the old frame anymore. (or maybe I missed something there EDIT : OKAY THEY ARE NOT IN S1 CHALLENGE, GOT IT)
Completionist do mean the full content, not part of the content.

I did precise “regular” people. And only got in s1 because I was lucky enough to actually find people right before the end. And this was seriously really really hard to have a full party for me. And I did burn a lot of my free time in the process. Something that I won’t be able to repeat every season.

There’s also a great lack of players in this mode, so if you don’t have a group of veterans players with you, you will go nowhere alone. Veterans players that want to grind until 120 are hard to find.
See, for example, your party was full, and when you’ll be done you probably won’t touch them again until next season.
Lucky for me, I did find a full group after months of search so we can go slowly but steadily.

That’s actually fine with me if I came as a completionnist right after.

Certainly. But, as weaves were in a sort of beta during season 1, we can understand that people didn’t want to burn themselves on them. (I did lose 4 players during the process, that are now only playing in modded onslaught and try to forget weaves)

Now, and this is important, I want them to work for thoses frames, not getting it “freely”. It’s just that I want it available for them.

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I know what completionist means, but like @haiken said, they don’t count towards the book, so late completionist players, wouldnt even know, they missed a couple of chests. Also if i join a game couple years after it got released, i don’t expect to be able to get that ‘event specific frame’ that ran for a couple of days when i wasn’t around, also make serpent frame available to all is the same thing.

So how would you feel when you put in all ur free time, effort, patience, dodging gunner bullets in s1 and then the rewards get available to all for way less effort. Maybe you are a better person then me, but i feel like my efforts kinda went to waste :frowning: making every season frame available in every season isn’t a good thing imo. If you want them to be available to all just get rid of seasons, because right now in a seasos time frame it doesn’t make sense, it gives me less of a ‘wanting’ to play for future seasons tbh.

Yeah at the time I did think they were missing the frame too.
Now just make the Season 1 tab disappear so it doesn’t take place in our already loaded UI of challenges. That way, people in S1 got their chests, and there’s no reason to show that you can’t complete them anymore.

Well, I also happen to have this serpent frame, and have no issue with making it available to all. Not all people can go to foreign conventions or ask for people that go on facebook :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m not the kind of person that do not follow its logic until the end.

Oh I want to be rewarded for this. I just ask for the reward to not be an exclusive thing. A great sum of shillings, red dust, or other incoming stuff is fine with me.

To be fair, my first idea was to propose the old experience “as is” but it will blunt the game files if they change too much things. So you can progress seasons separately. As the weaves are not the same.
So when you buy WoM, you could play S1 weaves or S2 weaves (or S3, S4 … depends when you join) as some sort of legacy experience for example.

On that part, I do perfectly agree.

Therefore a season reward cycle, or some kind of shop rotation (that is already implemented) with a high price (higher for the 120 than for the 40 of course) will do the trick.
Or some solution that Monster Hunters uses for event (they’re cycling back regularly on a calendar). That way, there’ll be always something to do in V2 if you come late.

The problem with rotating frames per season would make players who already have the frames not play weaves.

The problem with adding them to the shop, devalues the frame, like for example, when i see a Fow frame it kinda represents ‘skill’ kinda hard now that we had broken bw, but still.

Yea it would be a heavy game of they did that, but it would solve some things, the problem is that there are 120 ranked weaves, and that’s too much weaves if they wanna do it that way.

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I do not actually know how they’re done on their end. But if it’s “level” + “wind” + “script”, it would not take as much place (we have the same levels right now, with different winds and kinda existing scripts). The issue I see is that the following changes to the winds themselves could make them rather incompletable (as some of the cheeses spots and old bw combo doesn’t work anymore, but archers are now blocables).

2 different issues there.

The first one could be solved by ether mixing old stuff with new stuff (so for example, s3 could give us 1 from s2, and 2 new) or by adding another kind of reward when it’s already completed (again, shillings now, seems the more interesting reward we can have IF they add new cosmetics to Lohner’s shop).
The latter solution do exist for several games. Taking Minion Master as an example of one of thoses games, when you already get a card leveled up to the max, it transform into bonus money.

The second issue is probably not solvable. It does indeed devalue the “skill” needed to get the frame, but the grind will be “valuing” it the form of shillings saved. A bit like thoses who did get the hats they now don’t have to pay for (it’s a 950 value to have a legendary hat from a commendation chest, we’re rewarding you to be lucky by being more lucky =p).