Season 2 Weave Challenges

will the challenges associated to Season 2 (and more importantly, their respective rewards) still be obtainable in some way when Season 3 begins on June 23?
More specifically, Weave Runner challenge and its Slimed portrait, and Weave Warrior challenge and its Barred portrait.
Thanks in advance

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I dunno anything for sure, but taking how they handled weave challenges already, it’s likely you’ll only be able to do the general weave challenges, with the tabs for season 1 and 2 being locked

doubt it, unable to progress on season 1

Maybe coming back in a cycle when they’re done with seasons (like in several years), as in Diablo 3

They should just make them available imo. No way in hell you can do all those challenges (play 40 weaves with X) in a season. That kind of grind was a bad design to begin with, at least you could get progress over time

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Totally Agree =p

I agree, those Season 1 challenges were a bit over the top.
However, the only reward we missed back then were Commendation Chests, which is not too bad in my opinion.
Season 2 challenges include portrait frames though, so my question still stands if those become permanently unobtainable after Season 3 starts next week, or just move to the new Season section in the challenge overview.
Any official word on this @FatsharkJulia / @Fatshark_Hedge ?

There hasn’t been any clear communication about weaves frame rewards from s1. So i wouldn’t get your hopes up, it’s just wait and see how it’s gonna be in s3.