Lost many weaves in last patch

I’m trying to get the “weave dominator” achievement I was almost at plot 60 (check my gamertag for the progress of the achievement at 69%) you updated the game and now you are marking that I am at WAEAVES 41, I lost more than 10 weaves. Every dlc I lose a few, but this time I lost many. Only this achievement is missing and I will never succeed … with you restarting and me losing my progress. The plots are very difficult and it is not easy to gather people to play and you do! It’s slutty. I want my WEAVES where I left off. I already opened a ticket at Fatshark. Awaiting response. GAMERTAG: Kurt Kobain X

Hey Kurt, please see my response to you via the Support Portal - it may be in your ‘Spam’ inbox.


I received the reply via email. Thanks.
I am waiting for the solution to the problem.

Problem solved. Tank you !

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