Weave 214?


What is this? I played only the first 40, didnt have the stomack to start all over again, and I find the weaves boring. So I definately didnt earn such place on the board.

Your family is grinding weaves with your account. :laughing:


They are better than me? Hm :smiley:

Not only your family is better than you, but can also access weaves that do not exist at all. So congrats !

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I have the same bug. Same weave number, same missing icon.

EZ Clap


You damn cheatah!

Or as they say irl…

I just started my game after a While and it shows me on weave 214 on solo trio and quarted, yet i’ve only played Duo with a friend and we only got to weave 4 xD, never played solo trio or quarted, so how exacly does this happen ?

i think is a bug. i bought weaves dlc on sale and havent played any weaves at all and it has me on the solo leaderboards for weave 214 as well. i was like wut i didnt even play weaves lol

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