Do you think we will get a weave rework? Got some interesting screenshots

Weave 214

Weave 222

why would testing happen and translate to the live leaderboards thats just odd

I dont know but it seems that it has happened

I think it is more reasonable to assume that some idiot(s) found a way to hack the leaderboard / game and just wants to compensate for the shortcomings in his live.

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i dont think that you can hack it so you have weaves above 160

lets just hope that there will be indeed a rework :smiley:

why not just ask them.

@Fatshark_Hedge weave leaderbords are showing weird things in the top ranks :arrow_double_up: as seen above in @Max93 post. hacked or legit?

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You people got trolled by a fatkark employee

After they accidentally released 2 weave skins in the emporium and then promptly removed them - a dev posted that they were re-working a previously released mode and hinted that the weave illusions were intended for that. My guess is it’s either weaves or deeds.

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GDI Pontus.