Weave Forged weapons out of Weaves

I was doing a run of “Into the Nest” when a Zealot joined about half way through. I didn’t notice it at first but I saw that his weapons were using the Weave Forged skins. I’m unsure if this was done on their end or if this was a visual bug on my end.


Need to know how °_°


Isn’t it possible to bring them into the official game trough modded? that prob doesnt work, but maybe, maybe there is something we don’t know :open_mouth:

…or he is cheating or something.

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The exploit to do that got posted here a couple weeks ago (and removed of course), maybe there’s a new way to just get the skins, but most likely he had the 1100 power weave weapons instead.

Just curious, how crazy was Zealot DPS that game? I’ve never actually seen someone using it yet.

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wait what?

You have a higher power level in weaves. I doubt that glitching the weave illusions would transfer the power level though.

Also not sure its 1100, i thought it was 900 but idk

Your total power goes up to 970 with it equipped from the screenshots I remember seeing

There is an exploit that existed (or still exists?) where it was possible to get weave weaponry into quickplay matches (both the power bonus and skins)

tbh I’m not sure how the mod responsible for it hasn’t been unsanctioned seeing as its been a source of like 3 other exploits at this point.


maybe one sweet day we will get to use these skins outside weaves, perhaps with the new dlc :thinking:


I’ve seen people having a moral dillema with this exploit: they really want the skins, but they really don’t want the power increase of weave weapons.
Fatshark, just add the weave illusions, please.

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They already said they’ll make thoses skins availables through the weaves rework (that we don’t know anything about yet :p)

Are we sure it is the Weaves they’re reworking?
This is all I recall they’ve said about it.

Could just as well be done with the crafting overhaul I guess? Unless I missed something.

Yeah we’re sure this is on their long term roadmap (we don’t know where they are currently though). And I am kinda lazy to find the post about it so let’s ping @Fatshark_Hedge about it and the golden wizard as well.

As someone who played weaves once and hated it (i really like the IDEA, and design and enemies. I just absolutely cannot stand the bombs left behind); i would actually play the weaves to unlock the skins to use them in the base game. The skins are incredible.

Idk how there are still people who share exploits on public forums.

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Can we fix this bs already, had people with weave weapons in 1 out of 4 parties last night. It’s flat out cheating given the increase to damage, cleave and stagger that comes with literally overpowered weave weapons.

@SkacikPL could just remove the mod from the Steam workshop.

Uh, it’s not my mod that allows people to exploit the game.


If I make a post, it will get flagged, if I comment it, it gets flagged. If I don’t share it, nothing will change.


I agree, like with the quickplay lobby hostage situation from the end of last year, it seems like the only way to get FS to fix these game breaking bugs in any timely manner is to expose them.

The method you posted was different from the one I previously saw though, so that probably isn’t good.

If only there was a way to contact the developers or the company privately :thinking: …wait, but there is, its called a “support ticket” / “private message”.

I disagree, the only thing it does when posting exploits on public forums or places, is that it allows more people to know about it and exploit it.
Yes, exposing them might make the devs solve them faster, but its in a very unhealthy way. Imagine a shilling exploit comes out and only a couple people know about them. Now imagine they are leaking it on public forums, breaking the entire shilling system. Even if shillings techincally don’t have a value, it can and will ultimately lead to players leaving the game and putting the devs under a unhealthy amount of time pressure to make sure their game doesnt die or loses too much players.

I used to hold the same opinion as you, but it’s honestly leaking exploits (or in other words: letting the devs know about them in public ways), ultimatly does more harm then it does good.

edit: Also if it was only skins, it would not be such a big deal (still an exploit and shouldn’t be shared for sake of consistency), but the fact that you can transfer the power with it is the bigger issue.

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