Weave Forged weapons out of Weaves

Sorry, I just entirely disagree based on previous experiences with the game and these devs. Garden of Morr BW skip is another example, these issues DO NOT get fixed without becoming a public problem. I’ve sent tickets in about stuff like this before with no changes from them.


They are just a slow company. Doesn’t mean we should resolve to unhealthy and toxic ways of sharing exploits.

My experiences have been different. I have reported plenty of "cheese’ spots, in weaves primarily and alot have been fixed.

While we wait for them to do anything and try to keep exploits hush-hush (impossible), like Kuli said and from other posts I’ve been seeing recently, players will continue to spread this in-game. Better to show the devs this is an actual problem rather than brushing it under the rug so they can fix it “eventually”.

Well i agree with you.

I’m not against making threads about a certain exploit thats out there and breaking the game. You can complain about it etc. This puts pressure on devs without killing the entire game (with certain exploits)

I am againsts explaining exploits and showing the public how to do them. Those are 2 different things.


It boggles my mind why both mods in question haven’t been pulled from the Steam workshop by now.

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